Using Online Dating Rules To Write Your Resume

I’m sure you’re thinking, “What? How is that possible? Just how does my memberships to E-harmony or benefit me when it comes to writing a resume? ” How does the experience of online dating affect your resume writing skills? Well, it’s pretty simple if you consider the following similarities.

First let’s consider the objective for on-line dating and submitting a resume.

1st step: Understanding the Objective

Typically, when people began online dating they do so in hopes of finding someone they can settle down with for life. You know, til death do you part:) But if not leading to the alter, you hope it will lead to a long-term relationship filled with happiness. Ok, you get the just of it.

Well, what’s the objective of submitting a resume. To get the job that you will have until retirement. Umm? NOT! The objective should be to get you to the interview, which is the equivalent of the first live date upon the beginning of online dating.

Personally, I think people’s objective with online dating should be the same…to strike up enough interest to warrant a first live date. I think they’d have better results. Honestly, I don’t think it’s realistic to believe that anyone who just conducts conversation via internet, can get an accurate feel for the person’s true self without face time. And the same can be said for the numerous resumes received by hiring personnel. Hence, the need for an interview to get a better read on your ability to do the job.

Ok, so how do you get to the first date or the interview?

2nd Step: Using Keywords

Well, when you’re looking for the guy/gal of your dreams online there are the core things that you want that mate to have. For example, some must haves may be religious preferences, or a particular degree of education. The same rules apply to hiring personnel. They initially look for the specific core criteria that all potential candidates must possess. What are the key requirements desired in the job listing? Analyze the job listing and make sure that you have those skills and that they are mentioned within your resume. Many employers use electronic scanning systems that track key words to seek initial candidates. You don’t want to be eliminated from the pool because you failed to mention them in your resume.

The same rule applies to online dating. Initially, you are asked to provide information about key characteristics that are important to you in your potential mate and vice versa. You’re considered a potential match if you have the key characteristics that a candidate seeks in his/her mate.

3rd Step: Capitalize by identifying additional needs

So, after you’ve clearly shown how you’ve passed the basics, add the cherry on top by showing them what additional skills you possess that will be an asset to their business. For example, a person who may be applying for a retail management position may mention their advanced education in change leadership, as an asset to highlight their ability to adjust positively to change.

The same can be beneficial when looking for love online. You should consider listing additional skills that will prove an added bonus. For example, if it’s important to a woman that a man can cook, being a gourmet chef of various style cuisines can definitely be a bonus. I’m sure she’d be happy to know that she will get to experience a variety of dishes:)

4th Step: Keep a little mystery!

Let’s face it. If you tell everything about yourself online, many may feel there isn’t a need to get to know them any further. This is what you don’t want to happen. You want to get to that first date. To accomplish that you want to give just enough information to peak their interest, but not so much that they feel they can determine you’re not the girl/guy of their dreams. The same rule applies to resume writing. You want to leave the hiring manager wanting to call you to learn more. It’s the face time that will help you secure the position.

With these valuable tips you should be well on your way to landing that interview to prove why you are the best candidate to fill the position. And just think if you’re looking for love, you can get the girl/guy of your dreams too! Now that’s multi-tasking!


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