Haven’t Found That Job Yet??? Have You Considered Your Many Talents?

There are many people who have been unemployed for nearly two years now. With our country seeming to be all about exporting jobs and importing goods, I can’t imagine that the situation will substantially over the next several months. However, even with unemployment there are those who are still struggling to make ends meet. They’ve applied for nearly every opportunity, submitted hundreds upon hundreds of resumes only to be denied a new opportunity to work.

However, this post isn’t about the struggle. It’s more about strategy. While many people have worked in particular professions, that’s not the only talent they possess. There just needs to be a way to tap into what your other talents are.

For example, maybe you’ve worked in a textile plant, but you’re an excellent public speaker. Consider blogging on topics that you’re familiar with, such as surviving on a small budget. Seek out newspapers and online sites that are willing to pay for articles written on specific topics. You could also find small to medium organizations that may need speakers for different events they host. While initially you may be paid only a minimal fee, with time and more opportunities you may build your credibility and be able to set your own rates.

If you’re a male who’s used to doing more manual labor in a plant or mill. You can still do manual labor. I met a man who was unemployed after having worked over twenty years with an organization. Growing tired of waiting on a call from companies he’d applied for jobs with, he put a lawnmower and weed eater on the back of his truck. He pounded the pavement asking different people and local companies for opportunities to provide them with lawn care. The first summer, his business grew fairly well. That winter he took a job for a decent wage. But the job didn’t have benefits and required many grueling hours. But by spring, all of his former clients were demanding his services and had given him so many referrals that he decided to quit the job without benefits to work full-time on his lawn care business. He had tapped into his talents and found a career that he enjoyed even more.

Lastly, I met a young lady that had worked in corporate america for over ten years. She had gotten a degree in office administration and always felt that was her passion. However when the company she worked for closed, she was devastated. She had always felt that she was a talented office manager and couldn’t see herself doing anything else. After being denied an opportunity with other companies, she was very close to giving up. One day she visited a friend whose child wasn’t doing well in reading and math. The friend knew that the young lady was always made good grades when they were in school and asked if she would consider tutoring her child. Hesitantly, she accepted the task. The child’s grades improved and the friend started referring the young lady to others that were in need of tutoring. The young lady became a highly sought after tutor for her community.

The moral to these stories are…we are all given more than one talent. And if we share those talents with others, all of our needs will indeed be met. Creative finance is what started this recession. So it’s “Creative Jobs” that will help us to overcome it.

Not sure you have other talents???Sure you do! Here are some questions to get you started…

What are you hobbies? Ex. Are you a coupon collector? Maybe you should consider writing a weekly column for your local newspaper on how to save money on necessities.

Are there things, you’ve done in your past that you may have put aside to do your most recent job. Ex. Maybe you drove trucks in the past, consider renewing your CDL license for a truck driving opportunity. It’s a means to an end, not the end all be all.

What skills do you use outside of your most recent position? Ex. Maybe you’re a fashion designer, who has lost his/her job. Consider your sewing abilities or the ability to design fashions for friends and family. Everyone needs a good tailor these days. Once again…it’s a means to an end. Not the end all, be all.

These are just a few examples of how you can use your talents to either supplement your income, (However, if you’re receiving unemployment, be certain that you report all wages earned to your agency. There is a certain amount that you can earn, in addition to unemployment without penalty, so check with your unemployment agency for those terms.), or start a new career path. We are given many talents in life. But it’s important that you tap into them, so that you can lessen the stress and live the best life possible.



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