No Place Like Grandma’s: In Loving Memory of Mary C. Daniels


My loving Grandma, Mary Daniels :Oct. 9, 1933 - Jan. 8, 2011

On the heels of my grandmother’s death, I’m reflecting on the memories I have of my Grandma. She’s meant so much to me and I’ve been so fortunate to have had 32 years with her. She will dearly be missed.

There’s No Place Like Grandma’s


There’s no place like Grandma’s.

Where the love is plentiful

And mistakes are forgiven and sympathy extended

Where shoes are always optional

And there’s always a place to sleep

Where the food is flavored with the greatest of wisdom but admittedly can sometimes taste bittersweet

And the blessings received are passed on without a thought

Where the big laughs and amazing stories could never be bought

And you never leave with less than you arrived with

Where you feel you’re at home although your address is miles and miles away

And the discussions could take more twists and turns than the Rocky Mountains

Where nothing couldn’t ever be replaced

And you never tire of looking at pictures

Where your feet are always welcomed on the sofa

And you’re most comfortable sitting on the floor

Where knowledge is served up staight

And it’s always appreciated

Where you can just be…

And there’ll never ever be another place like Grandma’s to me!


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