5 Great Opportunities to Supplement Your Income

 By now you realize that job opportunities are few and far between. While the economy is moving forward, it’s doing so at a moderately slow pace. With that being said, people being laid off and/or dealing with reduced wages are searching for ways to make up for the income drop. So I’ve comprised a few ways to supplement your income.


1. Consider merchandising: What is it you may ask? Dictionary.com defines merchandising as the planning and promotion of sales by presenting a product to the right market at the proper time, by carrying out organized, skillful advertising, and using attractive displays, etc. So as you can see merchandising can be carried out in multiple forms. You could be a retail merchandiser or fashion merchandiser. You could be setting up planograms or advertising new product by allowing others to sample the product. The opportunities are there, you just need to know where to look.

Some reputable organizations to apply for merchandising opportunities (that I actually have experience with) are http://www.mosaic.com/ , http://www.rqa-inc.com/ and http://www.narms.com/ . Many of the opportunities allow for a regular hourly wage (including driving time), as well as paid mileage and reimbursement for materials used. It’s also a great way to be out in the field and many opportunities are flexible.

2. Secret Shopping: Yes, it does exist and there are many legitimate opportunities available. If you’re going to eat out, you may as well get paid to do it right? That’s exactly what I did for about a year to make a little extra cash.

The great thing is you can plan your shopping trips around many of the opportunities available. For example, maybe you feel that because you live in a rural area, there won’t be any opportunities for you to make extra money. Wrong, with many of the companies, you have access to a database of ongoing shops. If you’re traveling out-of-town that weekend anyway, why not schedule some shops in the area while you’re there. So, you actually got paid to go on a shopping trip you were planning to go on anyway? Makes sense, doesn’t it? The typical shop takes anywhere between 15-45 mins. It’s just that easy. And trust me, once you get into the routine of things, you’ll desire to do more. Many of those places, reimburse you for mileage too, especially if they call you for it. On last-minute shops, you could actually negotiate 2 – 3 times what a typical shop could be! Say it with me, “Ca Ching!!!” Some reputable organizations that I recommend would be, http://www.marketforce.com/ , which also provides merchandising opportunities, and https://www.certifiedfieldassociate.com/.

3. Tutoring – Are you good in a particular subject? Did you know that there are a number of parents and college students looking for great tutors in a variety of subjects and for all ages. I absolutely love to teach and train people (probably why I have a training business that I’m so passionate about < www.cses.biz>. ) Sorry for the quick plug;-). And I’m extremely analytical and I learn backwards. Not dyslexia, just a learned skill of taking things apart to learn how they work. #Don’tjudgeme;-) So, I deal very well with children who learn in a different way. I worked as a tutor for over 3 years, supplementing my income and helping others significantly.

You can go to your local board of education and/or  schools or colleges and ask to be placed on a list of available tutors. There are also reputable organizations, such as XYZ Tutoring, (I worked for them while in Atlanta) and ABC, Tutoring throughout the country, just be sure to check the Better Business Bureau, if you feel skeptical.

4. Creating Crafts – People are always willing to splurge a little on things that are crafty, yet trendy. I have a friend from church whose sister has started her own business selling fashion rings made out of… Buttons. You’d never know it until you tried them on. They are extremely durable and you don’t have to worry about them tarnishing. With the slowing economy, women are purchasing more trendy trinkets to make enhance the outfit she already has. No longer are they spending excessive cash on new clothes. The thrift stores are booming more than ever now, and an inexpensive accessory is a great way to set it off.

Painting at The Art Room

5. Consider your hobbies– I’ve noticed many local artists are holding art classes. I actually attended and truly enjoyed a great evening painting a paisley print tree with friends at The Art Room, which initially started in a local artist’s home, but has since been relocated to the downtown square in Monroeville,

Alabama ( http://www.theartroommonroeville.com/testhome.html owned and operated by Sharon Sellers Owens). 

Auburn Tigers 2010 National Champions Ornament


Faye Dueitt also now sells her hand painted crafts at The Purple Papaya (http://www.alabama.travel/alabama-attractions/the_purple_papaya.html)  downtown in the Monroeville Alabama. (She has created Auburn Tigers 2010 National Championship Ornaments!) It was initially a passion she fulfilled on the side. Now, it’s been so successful, she’s doing it full-time.

 They’re just 2 examples of what supplements can actually lead too! What amazing things can happen! What hobbies do you have that could be making you additional money? Are you using your talents to the fullest potential?

These are just a few suggestions. But the possibilities are endless. So hopefully it will not only create some extra income, my hope is that it will bring some extra inner peace or comfort, as well.  


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