3 Lessons Learned by Watching Basketball Wives- Part 1

I’ll admit that I’m not a huge fan of this show, particularly because the title is so misleading. There’s really only one chick who’s actually married to a basketball player on the show. But I digress. Anyway a couple of weekend ago, I had the pleasure of being able to watch a marathon of it’s second season. The show’s a real mess, but you can learn quite a bit from matching it. Here are three key things that I’ve learned from watching the 2nd Season of Basketball Wives.

Lesson #1. Birds of a feather…you know the rest! All I can say is that if you don’t want to be known as loud and ghetto, stop hanging with those who are. Gloria Govan (my favorite from the first season) knew just that which is why she always chose to keep her distance. And although she was the youngest of the ladies, she’s clearly smarter when it comes to separating herself from the drama. As a mother of two, I respect the way she always kept the other ladies in check, making it clear that she wasn’t a follower.  I can only hope that Suzie Ketcham takes a cue from Gloria and does the same.

I personally don’t travel in packs. Most often you will find me in the singular, for that particular reason. But the few (very few) close friends I have and spend time with definitely don’t have these crazy traits…because they wouldn’t be friends of mine if they did;-)

Lesson #2. Misery loves company. I am always conscious of those who appear to be happy to celebrate my mishaps with me. On the show, Jennifer Williams is having marital problems and always seems to talk to her friend, Evelyn Lozado about it. The problem with this is that Evelyn has never been married. I know….and no I’m not saying you can’t get any advice from a single person if you’re married. But I do warn you to take heed of that being your sole source of advice! It just bothers me that Evelyn is so much happy to help Jennifer commit infidelity. Yes, I understand that Jennifer’s husband has cheated on her in the past. But guess what? Two wrongs don’t make a right.

However, I think it was because Evelyn was single and was so eager for Jennifer to be too. But trust and believe now that Evelyn is heavily involved with Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson, the tables are going to turn. I recall Evelyn trying to coerce Jennifer to sleep with someone else. But on a recent episode, Evelyn quickly blowed off Jennifer’s warning to take heed of professional athletes, particularly Ocho Cinco. However, I highly doubt that Evelyn will consult Jennifer about any problems she’s having with OchoCinco. I can’t wait to see how the dynamic changes in the new season, as I’m sure it will.

Lesson #3. Men will make time for what they want to make time for! I knew this already. But OchoCinco gave me a refresher on the subject. OchoCinco asked Evelyn when she was going to come to Cincinnati to see him. And she said she thought he may to busy, considering the season had started and he was busy with practice. His response was he will always make time for the things he WANTS to do! So often, we accept shallow excuses from men that we would love to spend time with. All too often, we hear “I’m tired” or “I’ve got to do, xyz!”. And in some cases that may be true. But the fact to the matter is, men will always make time for the things they value the most. So if he’s suddenly not making time for you, it may be time to realize that he’s probably just not that into you anymore.

These are only a few lessons that I’ve learned. Be sure to subscribe to my blog, so that you can have the latests blogs sent directly to you;-)

Much love,



7 thoughts on “3 Lessons Learned by Watching Basketball Wives- Part 1

  1. Hey Tanisha,
    I must admit, I’ve digressed a few times as well watching the show. I get the same thing out of it as I do when watching RHWOA, nothing! SMH… SMH! Your article is on target and I am amazed that you could even gather enough ‘Umphh’ to share some lessons learned. Great job girl!


    • Sylvia,
      LOL!!! I have to take something away from it. And honestly, some of that stuff seems so obvious to me, that I know I could never do show like that. But it makes for interesting television, I guess! I appreciate the compliment! And yes, I’ll be looking for more stuff from these shows in the future! My motto is “Take negative experiences and create positive outcomes”!

  2. Tanisha,

    Girl, I watched the marathon as well and felt some of the same things. First of all, I am going through a divorce and my single girlfriends kept saying they would have walked away a long time ago. I stopped talking to them about my problems knowing that these same women were looking for a man. I instead turned to a friend in a situation similar to mine. Unfortunately, I am not able to save my marriage which hurts and my single girlfriends cheer as I and my friend I would consult with are greiving.

    I agree about OchoCinco because I caught that exact same thing and my gut tells me his nothing but a player. ‘Though he is practicing I KNOW the get some free time so as a gentleman and come see her the first time. Expensive gifts mean NOTHING! Trust me I know this. He was attempting to play Cheryl on Dancing with the Stars. She was wise to not take the relationship he was trying to protray. She claims there was nothing but the friendship, not sure that happen but she only kept the necklace he gave her.

    We, as women need to wake up and realize that all that glitters is not good for us. I really appreciate this entry.

    • Shawn,
      I appreciate your comment so much. Having gone though a divorce that I didn’t want to have to go through, my heart and prayers go out to you. As I’m sure you already know, it can be extremely emotional and difficult. But with a strong relationship with God, you can have a Healthy recovery. I believe there are lessons to be learned in all situations. And no, it’s not about the material things at all! Thanks so much and keep smiling! Things WILL get better.

  3. Tanisha you are so right. Those girls are all FOOLISH. Not women girls…….only a girl would behave the way they behave. So embarrassing. I used to like Shaunie I would say to myself “Self how could Shaq dog such a nice woman out?”. If she acted anything like that in her marriage I see why.

    Jennifer is the biggest fool of them all. Those birds are miserable and you hanging with them you are a MESS. Should have hung out with the “happily” married basketball wives friends……..lol

    • D,
      I have a totally different opinion of Shaunie, since her entrance to the 2nd season of BW. I personally think that she’s tarnished her reputation by deciding to be in front of the camera more this season, as opposed to behind the scene and scarcely seen last season. They do appear to be miserable, as Gloria told Shaunie at a lunch, when she was laughing because Gloria pushed back her wedding date. All I know is, you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with;-) LOL!!! Thanks for the comments!

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