The Greatest Compliment a Man Could Give Me

The other day I was talking to a young man. He told me how he gets inundated with compliments about how good looking he is and how sexy he looks. Now he wasn’t speaking about it in a conceited way. He was just saying that those comments don’t really make him interested in meeting a lady nor does it impress him enough to get to know a woman better. He had mentioned that he was looking for a great woman that he could commit himself too. And in all honesty, he sounds certain that he’s ready to take that step.

Amazingly, after our conversation I thought about what he had to say and it posed a great question, what’s the greatest compliment a man could give me that would peak my interest too. I’m a pretty shy young lady (hard to believe, but it’s true) and I appreciate compliments. But I am perfectly happy with fading into the background. But my career wouldn’t exist if I did. But if you’ve been following me, and/or if you truly have gotten to know real up close and personal, you’d know that I’ve had some pretty difficult experiences in my life. And I’ve been able to overcome them through my strong faith. I diligently work to do God’s will, not my own. I love people and do my best to find the good in all of them. So for me, the greatest compliment a man/woman could give me would be “You’re so beautiful, do you know I see Jesus in you?” And you can’t imagine how much attention you will get from me. Because you have to know him too, in order to know what he looks like;-)

Much love and many blessing to you!

Tanisha Rankins


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