It’s All About the Little Things

It was such a beautiful day today! I spoke to the people in my life that I love dearly! Just the sound of their voices makes me smile! Even a phone call from an unexpected, yet always welcomed friend sent me over the top. Yeah, Jesus loves me!

I may never know what it’s like to drive a car that costs six-figures. I may never experience waking up in a house that had more bathrooms than a truck stop. And that’s ok with me! I was able to take my mother on a drive to a nearby city just to enjoy the day. And enjoyable it was! But my daily blessing didn’t just stop there. Just the ability to see the beautiful blue sky and feel the warmth of the sun on my arms, did it for me. The mere fact that I melted over the taste of the grilled shimp I had for lunch today, gave me something to write about. How wonderful it was to be able to hear the little girl in the department store tell me “Hello” and that she was holding a “Doll” made my day complete. And to hear her say, “Thank you!” after I told her how pretty she was…..

Especially considering there are many who don’t have a mother left to spend time with. And can you believe there are people who have never witnessed the color blue or any other color for that matter.  Especially since there are those who have never heard a plane fly overhead or even heard the voice of their own name being called by a loved one. Amazingly, we take so many of these things for granted. We go about our daily lives always speaking about the things we don’t have, all the while overlooking the things we have in abundance. I’m guilty too…just not today! What if any of these senses that we had were suddenly taken from us?

It’s the little things that truly means so much! So we need not forget about it any longer. One of my favorite hymns is Count Your Blessings! I’m working to be better. God blesses us abundantly daily, we just need to take the time to list them! Hope you’re having a beautiful and blessed day! Be happy!!!


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