You Never Know Who’s Watching

Today I was invited to attend a meeting devising a plan to increase community literacy of multiple forms. When I arrived I met a number of people that I hadn’t remembered meeting before. I introduced myself by name to several and the organization I represented. After the exchange of very basic information, the meeting began and we weren’t able to truly speak about much other than the subject of the meeting.

After the meeting was ajourned, many of the committee members left. However, there was one particular person who I hadn’t had the pleasure of introducing myself to. I went over to formerly introduce myself. And as I shook his hand, his reply was, “I know very well who you are, Ms. Monroeville!” At first I was taken aback, because that isn’t my real name, nor have I won any pageants that would garner me such a title. He went on to elaborate about the number of projects and events he’s actually attended where I’ve spoken or had some affiliation. He also told me about how admirable my actions are in every place he’s seen me. Some of the specific details he provided, were a little uncanny to me. He mentioned how he would love the opportunity to work with me on other things in the immediate future.

You see, he was very social and active in his community, as well. And extremely well connected and although I hadn’t formerly been introduced to him. He had clearly been paying attention to me…and was indeed looking for consistency. It’s so important that we remember that there are always people paying attention to our actions and how we live our lives daily. Are we consistent in all facets of our lives? Do you live publicly one way, and privately another? And if so, have you truly ever thought about who you’re really cheating? I used to think there was a way to present yourself in public and it was ok to be who you so-called “Truly” are in private. But the fact to the matter is eventually the real you will always come to the surface, so you aren’t going to totally fool anyone.

I am learning that people can only surpress their true selves for so long. In my experience, the courting phase of any relationship (of any kind) should be about 2 years. If they’re consistent for the entire 2 year process, then most likely you’ve seen their true colors. But if they change before the 2 years are up, it’s more than likely the change you see was their real persona, finally rising to the surface. I’m trying to make sure that my entire life is consistently the same. Because I haven’t read anything in the Bible about God only judging you at the day of judgement on the public persona.

I am a work in progress. But I will be working more in 2011 and beyond to be diligently working to do the right thing in all walks of life, because it’s true…you never know who’s watching…But it’s most important that you know WHO IS!

God bless!


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