What About Your Friends!

Today I was able to spend all day with a great friend that I haven’t had the pleasure of hanging out with in a very long time. It felt like the good old days, where we used to spend the day laughing and shopping when I lived in Georgia. She’s indeed a special person in my life

But driving home, I started thinking about the core friends of my life and how blessed I truly am to have a few friends that I can count on at any given time. So this post is a dedication to each of them, because I really appreciate them so much. And my love for them runs very deep. It’s very rare that you find people who are really there for you through the thick and the thin. And I have four amazing ones! I love you all so much and thank you for your friendship from the bottom of my heart! I only hope that I make a positive and memorable impact on your lives too;-)XOXOXO


Erica Nelson

Erica McMillanMy friend since 1999 – She’s originally from and a tried and true Pensacola, Floridian with amazing style and an excellent mommy! We met while working for First Data Corporation. I’d have to help her calm down, when those callers worked her nerves;-) LOL!

Greatest memories: Spending time with she and her girls! Her visiting me and me taking her to a hole in the wall club. She served as my Matron of honor in my wedding and did my makeup (she’s a great make-up artist;-)) She would show me around Pensacola! Being with her at her baby shower and that big pink dress and bow in her hair;-) LOL!!! She was the first person I saw when I came from under the anesthesia, when I lost my son last year (she was a trooper and I love her for that!!!)! Spends so much time introducing me to great food and cute clothes…did I mention what a great fashion style she has? The jokes and late night phone calls (when we should be asleep!)

Kristye Davis

Kristye Davis – My friend since 1994 – She’s a super sweet Monroeville native, who’s migrated to Phenix City, AL. We met through my cousin. But became closer friends, while working at Wal-Mart. 


Greatest Memories: Working at Wal-Mart. Her riding with my ex-boyfriend to spy on me;-) LOL!!! Being at the hospital when her oldest daughter Lauren was born…although she was so sedated, she doesn’t even remember me being there! Shopping trips to Foley and getting soaked from rain! Watching videos at her house! Her moving into her first house! Talking and chatting in the early morning! Keeping each other uplifted, when we were both going thru things!


Linda Likely

Linda Likely- Friends since 1990 – Born and raised in Excel Alabama, but presently residing in Evergreen. She’s got a big heart and it’s filled with the love of God. We met in the 3rd grade, when she helped me find my dime that I had lost:) But didn’t really get extremely close until the 6th grade.

Greatest memories: Helping me find my dime. Working as a band prop together. Spending the night at each others house. Creating dance moves to use at the Teen Center;-) Dressing similarly! Prom night! Graduation night! Falling asleep on her after coming home from the Teen Center! Introducing her to my family. Her wedding day! Her moving into her house! Her having her first son, BJ! She gave me scriptural advice when I was going thru my divorce (and it meant so much to me)! She was one of the first people to arrive after my dad passed away! The 3-4 hour talks. The lunch meetings and breakfast meetings. The parades and festivals that she went with me to.

I am deeply thankful to God for each and every one of you! May God continue to bless and strengthen you daily!


Erin Walker

Erin Walker -My friend since 2004. She’s a Brooklyn native, with Georgian hospitality. We met while working at VF Intimates, LLC. She was my venting partner. Greatest memories: Took me to my first outdoor event in Atlanta, to see Kanye West on the bricks:)) Big-Mac lunch runs when we were stressed from work. My Atlanta tour guide, teaching me how to use the Marta. Spending all day in IKEA when it first opened in Atlantic Station and losing the car in the parking garage;-) Meeting her mom. Served as my maid of honor in my wedding and visited me the day after my dad passed and attended his funeral(I appreciate her so much for that!)


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