How I Keep My Sanity!

Today a friend contacted me about something that was bothering him. It was a personal matter and I could tell that it’s becoming a serious issue for him to have to deal with. It’s something that he desires so much, and was asking me what I do to keep my sanity while I waiting for circumstances in my life to be resolved.  So I dedicate my post to him…(He knows who he is)!

1. I talk to Jesus, first! One of my favorite scriptures, (Matthew 11:28) tells us that we have a place to come when our hearts are heavy and we’re tired from the daily pressures of life. And he’s always available to listen and give us the rest we need to give us the strength to go on.  

2. I read the scriptures. (Matthew 11:29) I now work more diligently to read the Bible to study and learn more about Jesus. Through daily readings, I’m strengthened as I read of stories of Jesus doing what human eyes deem as impossible.

3. I sit patiently and believe. (Psalm 46:10), (Matthew 21:22) (Matthew 19:20). Often times, when we’re at our wits end, we have a tendency to react impulsively. I have made a number of mistakes just instantly making decisions when I’m the most emotional. It’s for that reason that I’ve learned to just sit still and don’t make any sudden moves and believe that God will either fix the situation or alter your state of being about it. Sometimes you may desire something that you realize isn’t going to actually happen. For example, you may believe that you will have an opportunity to fly to the moon with God’s blessing, (stay with me). And later in life you may come to the realization that it may never happen, due to the fact the space station isn’t offering that as an option for civilians anymore. But by the time that has happened you may have a really happy family life that it’s not of great importance to you anyway.

4. I get busy. (James 2:20)Now, I’m sure you think that I’ve contradicted my last statement. But this couldn’t be farthest from the truth. The quickest way to stay out of God’s way while he resolves your issues is to get busy helping other people resolve theirs (Galatians 6:2). You will quickly find that your problems aren’t really problems when you consider other people’s circumstances. 

5. Stay Thankful! (1Thessalonians 5:18) I have to remember that while I may not have all that I want, I defnitely am being supplied with all of my needs daily. And there are so many others who would love an opportunity to live my life. When I take my grievances to God, I’m always thanking him for those things that he’s already done, the things he presently provides, and those things that are yet to come. One of the simplest, yet greatest hymns (in my opinion) is Count Your Blessings. If we can see, we’re more blessed than many who are not able to. If we have ANY job, with the many who are still unemployed, we are considered more blessed.

So to sum it all up, the reason for my sanity is Jesus Christ! I challenge you to grow closer to him. Give it all to him and wait patiently, knowing that he CAN do ALL things and so can you, with the strength that he’ll supply, through your desire and willingness to obey him. And there’s never too much for God to hear. Sometimes people make you feel that there are certain areas of your life which is off limits to the Lord. And that couldn’t be farthest from the truth.

He wants to be that Best Friend in your life. He wants to be the husband that you tell everything to. He wants to be that wife that you’re dedicated to. Build that relationship and you will see how much will change in your life. Now, I’m not saying that you can’t talk to your friends about some of your issues. But it shouldn’t be before you consult God about it! Because he’s the only one who can change it!

May you all find some blessing in this post.

In sincerest love,

Tanisha M. Rankins


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