3 Lessons Learned By Watching Basketball Wives: Part 2

Season 2 Basketball Wives

Ok, Season 2 of Basketball Wives is a wrap! And I’ve just finished watching  2nd part of the reunion special! After watching it, I realized three more valuable life lessons to take with me as I journey through this life. This list is not at all exclusive, so I welcome and and all comments about other things you’ve taken from it. So, here goes:))

#1. Basketball wives see babies as supplemental income, OPENLY! Did anyone notice what Jennifer’s reply to Royce was when she was accused of putting the nude photos on twitter to make money? Her response (paraphrasing) was “If I wanted to make more money, I would have just had a baby for my husband!” Hmmm, really!!! Since when did motherhood become the official way to grow your net worth? But I’m truly glad she was responsible enough to not go that route….can’t say I believe the same about Evelyn!

#2. Surround yourself with what you hope to attain out of your life! In the final episode of BW, I love the fact that Gloria is working to grow a friendship with Jackie Christie and Kimsha Artest, both basketball wives that have been married to their ballers for close to nearly 20 years. If you know anything about Jackie Christie, you know that she doesn’t play the radio when it comes to Doug! You can say what you want, but she’s protective of her family and I’m not really mad at her about it.  I think she and Kimsha are great mentors to help Gloria navigate her way to a stronger relationship with Matt. It’s such a shame that Jennifer wasn’t mature enough to realize the same, before her marriage headed down the highway to divorce.

I myself try to surround myself with people who are positive and moving in a positive direction. I diligently try to keep my life free from drama. And when it does creep in, I work hard to extinguish it in a very timely manner. Those who can’t keep it positive and live in chaos aren’t allowed in my presence. So, nearly all of those B.B. wives/fiances/fiance-nots would not be invited into my space…if I happened to be dating a player, that is.

#3. Real grown women don’t run in cliques! And especially when you’ve reached the thirty mark. Maybe it’s the only-child syndrome that I have, but I’ve never ever been involved in a clique. I develop individual relationships with all the friends that I have and the only time any of them have been in the same space was for my wedding! I don’t make it a habit, not do I want to run in a pack! It’s not productive, nor attractive…in my opinion. I have always been able to stand alone and I’m more than comfortable with that. Even when I attend networking functions, I am more than comfortable to work the room alone. It has made me much stronger in the long run.

I wonder what Jennifer will do when Evelyn’s all boo’d up with Ocho 5, in the immediate future. Because it doesn’t really look as if she can stand alone. Hopefully, she’s rise to the ocassion and move beyond standing on her own two feet for a change. It will really make a difference.

Oh well, I can’t say that I haven’t been entertained by them. But I am not sure that I will be watching when the 3rd season returns. As I mentioned before, I’m all about the positive and just watching it changes my aura. But at least I get to ful-fill my mission…

Taking negative experiences and creating positive results!

Keep it positive!


3 thoughts on “3 Lessons Learned By Watching Basketball Wives: Part 2

    • I actually like Gloria’s evolution the most. And I’m truly glad that she’s parted ways from the negativity. Shaunie is messy and petty. And what I worked so hard to not be…that angry, bitter divorcee! Ugh!!!

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