The Greatest Test: Stop Holding On!

Late last night, while driving back home after spending another amazing day with one of my closest friends, I had an epiphany! Well it wasn’t something I hadn’t already heard before, but it was really eye-opening. It’s always more impactful when it happens to you.

I thought about the bond that my friend and I have and it’s truly remarkable. Our friendship is tighter and more beautiful than it’s ever been before and I’m so blessed because of it! But it’s a true testamament to what God can do. You see, we’ve been friends for years. But there was a 2 year break in our relationship that was extremely painful…but now I know it was necessary to get to this point in our relationship. I’m sure she won’t mind me sharing this story. And I hope she forgives me if she does.

We had been friends for many years and abruptly my friend sent me an e-mail message telling me that she didn’t want to be in my life anymore. She poured her heart out to me about the nature of our friendship and asked me to not contact her anymore and respectfully she wouldn’t contact me either. She wished me well and then vanished. When I tried to contact her by phone, she had changed her number. I was truly hurt and puzzled as to why. I wanted to talk to her direct, but because she also relocated to a different address, I wasn’t able to find her either. Nonetheless I was angry about the situation and I did cry, because I wanted a chance to mend the relationship. But unfortunately, there was nothing more I could do.

However at the time, I was going thru my own issues. I was in the midst of a separation headed to divorce, unemployed and trying to keep my head above water. So as time went on, I pressed forward believing that I had lost a great friend forever. But before I knew it, 2 and 1/2 years had passed. Then it happened…a facebook friend request popped up that I never thought would happen. It was from my friend…the one who told me she never wanted me to be a part of her life again.

Honestly, I let the request sit in my feed for a few days. I didn’t really know what to do. I wanted answers, but I didn’t want to come off as a bully or angry and bitter. I wasn’t bitter about it. I just thought explanations were needed. So I took it to God and asked for his intervention. Through study and meditation, I realized that now was not the time to start asking those questions. Forgiveness was necessary, so I forgave her for it. Through our reacquaintance, things about the situation did eventually surface and what I realized was that we were both going through a whole lot of drama in our lives. And in each other’s presence, we didn’t really have anything left to give to help the other over the hurdles. So by removing ourselves from each others’ lives, God was able to clean up our situations. And because our love for each other was indeed real and true, it returned even better.

I thought about this in all situations. If we were just faithful enough to trust God, our lives would be so much better. We have to trust that if it’s real and true, it will return to you. If it isn’t, God doesn’t want anyone to keep us from our blessings. Let’s be real, he gave us his son because he loves us so much. (John 3:16). If he’d sacrifice so much for our well being, why wouldn’t you think that he’d only want the best for us and remove it, when it’s not bringing out the best in us? When people come into our lives and choose to walk out, we need to be faithful enough to just let go! If they’re meant to be there, they will return, but for the better. If they don’t return, it’s for the best too! All things work together for good to those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28).

I love the Lord! And I know that what my friend and I have is the real thing! I never imagined that our relationship could be this way. And if it took a two year hiatus to get it here, all I have to say is “Thank-you Jesus!” It is so worth the break! We both needed to be cleaned up, to be able to benefit each other to maximum capacity! And have a greater appreciation for it! Trust God with everything. If you lose people, things, or etc. from your lives, understand that it’s for your best interest. If it’s for you, you’ll have it again!

Have a great Wednesday full of blessings!


4 thoughts on “The Greatest Test: Stop Holding On!

  1. This was absolutely amazing. It actually brought a tear or two to my eyes. I can soooo relate to this. I’m glad to see God shining through you so that you can share His goodness with others. Sounds cliche’, but I mean that. Keep up the good work lady!!

    • Caloria, I shed a few tears on the way home last night too! You may not understand it when you’re going thru it. But if you wait on it, it will be revealed. And when it does it’s truly heart-warming! God is truly amazing! Thanks for the encouragement.

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