Draw Your Own Conclusions!

It seems as if God is speaking so loud and clear to me these days. It could be that it’s moreso because I’m more open and willingly listening to what he has to say. But one of the most valuable lessons I’m learning is to draw your own conclusion about people you come across. Now, this doesn’t mean that I’m completely oblivious to things that people say, because I’m human. But I’m learning to discern the facts from the untruths that people choose to share with me.

It’s scary to me. Because I believe that God is placing people in my path that honestly want to live their lives with his will in mind, as I do to. But I almost didn’t forge relationships with them, because of some things that people told me, which I have found to be untrue. The funny thing is you’d think I’d know better, considering the fact that I grew up in a small town, with it’s greatest drawback being excessive gossip and people who feel a sense of entitlement to the intricasies of everyone’s life. From experience, I know what it’s like for people to spread malicious lies about you and/or your family. So, I’m learning to get to know people on an individual basis, as I hope that people will do the same when considering getting to know me.

I have often been criticized for considering everyone a friend first until they’ve proved me wrong. And in all honesty, I’ve even considered changing the criteria for which I consider someone a friend. I recently said that I wouldn’t consider anyone a friend until they earned my friendship.But I’ve decided that’s exactly what the devil is trying to convince me to do.

He wants us to live our lives in fear and skepticism. But I refuse to live that way. I know that with God leading my life, I may go through some mishaps and some people may disappoint me. But my faith isn’t in people, because we’re all human and will fall short at some points in our lives. I understand that regardless of any situation, God is with me ALWAYS! And WITH him, ALL things are possible! I encourage you to get to know people, before you pass judgement. It may cause you to miss out on your blessing. Because everyone has flaws. But they may have corrected them by the time they cross your path. I, for one, know I am working extremely hard to correct mine:)

Hope you’ve had a great Thursday!


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