My Review of Marsha Ambrosius’ “Late Nights & Early Mornings”!

Marsha Ambrosius "Late Night & Early Morning"

2011 is the year of rejuvenation! So, I’m not at all surprised by the fact that Marsha Ambrosius, formerly of the duo Floetry, would release what I predict will garner her a Grammy nomination for either best new artist or best r&b song for “Far Away!” a song written by Ambrosius to bring awareness to bullying of homosexuals and the casualties that result from it.

Initially, I was impressed by the fact that I really loved about 11 out of the 13 tracks, which as you know is completely rare these days for any artist. But after listening to it even more there’s only one track that is mediocre. From the moment the intro, “Anticipation”, appropriately entitled, starts to play you can’t wait to see what is to follow. The intro is a teaser to set the tone for the entire album.

This album is truly for the grown and sexy, who appreciates Marsha’s sultry voice in tracks, “Late Night & Early Morning” and my absolute favorites, “With You & Your Hands” which leave you taking the romance to the next level with your significant other or yearning for someone to take it to the next level with.

The poppish “Hope She Cheats on You!” is a cute song confessing how we ladies feel when someone we love moves on with someone else. But ultimately we get over it and realize that he’s really not the best thing for us anyway. Songs, “Tears & I Had to Lose Myself” are beautiful ballads that consist of confessions to a past lover that you never thought you’d see again and how you have to free yourself from baggage in order to truly love someone respectively.

“I Want You to Stay” a song that clearly was written for the late Michael Jackson, showcases Ambrosius’ keen ear for the musicians she writes for. As you know, Ambrosius’ penned “Butterflies”, also updated and included on the cd. And Ambrosius channels MJ’s signature sound on the”I Want You to Stay” track.

Ambrosius does a grittier remake  Portishead’s “Sour Times” and surprisingly it works wonderfully well. With a more powerful voice, you get the feeling that Ambrosius really feels that she’s unloved. “Chasing Clouds” and “The Break Up Song” complete the last of the tracks on the cd.

Overall, I think if Marsha Ambrosius brought the sexy and as always beautiful voice that we all know and love. If you’re looking for Floetry, you may be a little disappointed, as this is clearly a different sound. Besides, Floetry consisted of two and you’ll never be able to achieve this with only one half of the group there. But you definitely won’t be disappointed if you pick up this very well delivered album.

This cd is on heavy rotation in my ipod, as well as my car, from the late night to the early mornings I can’t get enough;-) No pun intended…of course.

Much love to you all.



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