The Reappearance of My Daddy!

Tanisha Rankins and her daddy, Robert Rankins

I never imagined a day that I wouldn’t be able to see my dad. So as you can believe it, his death took a real toll on me. While I was able to move forward positively, I can’t help but think about the things I’d envisioned my dad being a part of in my my life. When he passed away, I thought the only possibility I’d have to see him again would be in heaven. But recently I’ve been seeing him reappear so much that it’s uncanny. The funny thing is that others see him too.

When I start my day, I see him in the mirror staring back at me. I’ve noticed how much I feature my dad more and more as each day passes. From my hair texture to the fullness of my lips, my dad definitely lives in me. I even notice that I have developed a strawberry (type of birthmark) on my thigh, as he had.

 And he appears even more with how I handle certain situations. Usually before I react to anything that is bothering me, I’ll take a ride in my car or visit one of my closest aunts for supper. Recently, I found out that my dad used to visit my aunt and have supper where he’d voice some of his frustrations. Just this morning, a really close friend told me that she notices how much of my dad’s mannerisms lie within me. After we ended our conversation, I was  moved to tears.

One of my favorite episodes on Everybody Hates Chris was when the mother, Rochelle, loses her father and her dad reappears to her to comfort her and help her deal with how she handles the stress of it. Sometimes I feel my dad’s presence when I’m going through different things and it’s as if he sits next to me and talks. Afterwards, I feel so refreshed.

My dad worked extremely hard and passed those principals down to me. He taught me to give 100% in whatever I do and was a man who lead by example. I am so honored to have had the experience I had with my dad. He was the first man I ever loved and I hope that all the positive qualities my dad has, will be present in the man that I marry.

I welcome the reappearance of both dads in my life. Just another confirmation of how blessed I really am. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!


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