That God Knows Best

Have you ever wanted something so bad, but it didn’t seem to happen in the time you wanted it to? Do you sometimes feel that God doesn’t really care about your happiness, because all the things you think will make you happy never seem to come to fruition? Have you ever trusted in God to present you with an opportunity, only to have the opportunity pass without your attendance despite the total faith you had in God to make it happen?

If you haven’t, congratulations to you because you’re pretty rare and special. But as for me, I’ve had this experience on multiple occassions, only to find out that the end result was for my best interest. This weekend was no different. All month long I had planned to attend a celebration of a dear friend who launched an incredible movement this year. However due to unforeseen circumstances, it seemed that I’d be unable to attend. Despite all the obstacles in my way, I was certain that God would provide me with the opportunity to go. I prayed and believed that it was going to end in my favor, with me in route to Atlanta on Friday. Nonetheless Friday came and went and I was still stuck with the dilemma. On Saturday around noon, the problems I had subsided. But it was too late for me to make the trip to Atlanta.

Initially, I was a little disappointed. But I had spoken to God and asked that his will be done about it. I believed that if he wanted me to make the trip to Atlanta everything would be cleared up to allow me the ability to go. But since the situation wasn’t cleared before Saturday, obviously it was in my best interest to not be attendance. The funny thing was yesterday was extremely windy where I lived. So much so, my cat’s house (yeah, it’s homemade:)) that had about a 8lb block sitting in the center of it, got thrown clear across the yard. It was a shock to us, because the sun was out and the day was really nice, despite the wind. But when I turned on the Weather Channel mentioned that there were many towns that were under a tornado warning, many of which I would have had to travel through to get to Atlanta.

It was at that moment that I smiled and thanked God. You see, I’m sure that God wanted nothing more than to see me happy in Atlanta. But he gave me a minimal disappointment, as opposed to a more permanent one: death. Are you fully trusting that God knows what’s best for you? Recently, I’ve suffered rejection for the third time from the same people about an opportunity that I know I was more than qualified to do. The greatest thing is that I have a relationship with God that I’m truly blessed and thankful to have and it’s wonderful to know that he has my back and can see farther up the road than any human eyes can see (Psalm 27). So for whatever reason he knows that I’m better suited for a different path. I trust that he knows best for my life and will follow him all the way.

All I want to do in this life is to lead others to Christ. All the other stuff pales in comparison to that. But I do know this…what God has for me, is for me. And no one or nothing can keep me from receiving it. I will go whereever he wants me to go, whenever he tells me to.

Hope you’re having a beautiful Sunday!


4 thoughts on “That God Knows Best

  1. Wow, I can totally relate to this in every way! My total desire is to reflect His light to those in dark places and yes sometimes it’s hard to understand His timing and why He says no, but later I can always see that what He desired for me was not only best for me but usually far far more than I could have ever desired for prayed for. To God be the Glory!

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