Welcome to My Facebook Fantasy!

Today I drove inside the gates of my Facebook Forest subdivision which consists of about 1200 perfectly crafted homes with the most manicured lawns. Once I pull into my garage, the first thing I do is grab the local paper and head to my sofa to see the status of those lovely neighbors. A great deal of those neighbors are happily married, while some are single. Some of those are in a state of confusion, confessing it’s complicated.  It’s surprising how many of my neighbors have so many issues in their lives and are willing to list them in the paper. There are those who have financial difficulties and are seeking new job opportunities. I’m not surprised by those issues, considering the economy is still incredibly bad. A number of them are having everyday life disappointments with their kids, spouses/significant others, and or family/friends causing them unnecessary headaches.

At that moment, I’m thankful that they don’t live on my block or anywhere close to it. Afterwards I check to see if any of my closest neighbors (my closest friends/family members) happen to be in the headlines. And if by chance they are, they can always rely on me to check in on them and offer them words of encouragement. And of course they know I’m going to follow it up with a phone call later to make sure they’re doing well. I like to refer to it as the “VIP Neighborhood Watch”.  

The great thing about my subdivision is that I’m President of the Homeowner’s Association. Every now and then, I have to give a fair warning to the members in my subdivision about the drama they proceed to spread throughout our community. I’ll deliver a friendly reminder of the conduct that’s expected from my neighborhood. Sometimes my neighbors will be a little too vocal. At that point, I just ignore them and/or send them straight to my voicemail, where they can talk. But I really don’t have to listen. But for those, who consistently cause unnecessary grief to me, I quickly evict them from the community and their house is left vacant. (Hey it’s my fantasy, so I can do what I wantJ)

It’s one of the reasons I go visit other community’s networking functions. I’m always looking for potential neighbors to fill those vacant properties. I believe in a nice, positive, happy community. We’re a safe community, so all thieves, con-artists, fakes and frauds are quickly evicted and banned from ever re-entering without notice. It’s the world I want to live in, the world I’m glad to live in…in my head, of course.

But wouldn’t it be nice if it were only this simple. So for now, I’ll keep my Facebook fantasy. The place I can escape, the world I can control…the one I don’t want to do without and can’t imagine being without! Undoubtedly, there are many others who feel the same as I!


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