Hold to Your Values

It’s so true that with age comes wisdom…well, for most people that is. But recently I’ve been able to recognize how I’m growing stronger in my convictions and beliefs day by day. So much so that I’m standing my ground and I’m uncompromising on those things I feel are most important in my life.

I think about how just three years ago, I may have felt strongly about an issue, but would be willing to concede or devise a compromise, that left me doing something that I may have felt strongly against. In doing so, looking back I think those things have caused me unnecessary grief and gotten me off the course for what I believe God wanted for my life. Make no mistake, I’m taking full responsibility for my actions. Because I was very weak.

In just a short couple of week, God has shown me that when you feel firm about something that you aren’t willing to give into, it’s perfectly fine to hold to those values. It’s a risk you take, understanding that people may or may not accept you for your stance. But when you think about, do you want those people who don’t hold your standards around you for very long? I’m not at all saying that you have to be uncompromising on all things. But for certain you should make a list of those things that you hold dear and most valuable and stick with it.

People have more admiration for those who are solid and stand firm in their convictions. Those who are quick to waiver or are quick to give in (that used to be me:() unfortunately feel quickly tossed about and often end up way away from their intended mark.

So from here on out, I know the things that I want…but most importantly I know what I need. I’m appreciative of those who are willing to accept me without trying to alter my value system. I’m not compromising on the core of who I am. It’s just not worth it to me. How important is your core to you?


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