Lessons Learned: Why God Didn’t Make Me A Brickhouse!

This really won’t take long. But I’m guilty, like so many other women, of admiring other features that women have, that I think I’d love to have. I remember once telling a stylist, whose daughter is very voluptuous, about what I’d do if I had her figure. It went something like this…

Stylist: People always seem to hate on my daughter.

Me: Really?

Stylist: Yes! I mean, I know she’s young. But that’s her shape. She’s just naturally curvaceous. So, what can I do about it?

Me: Girl, I don’t know what you can do about it. But I know what I’d do if I had her shape personally.

Stylist: What would you do?

Me: Girl, if I had her shape…I’d call everyone I know and tell them I was about to leave the house and ask them if they wanted to come out and watch me walk away. If I had her shape I’d be extremely healthy, because I’d walk every where I went just to stop traffic…

Ok, by now you get the idea. It saddens me to say that was only about 3 & 1/2 years ago. But I’m super past those feelings now. But what I realized was the relationship I have with God wouldn’t be nearly as strong, if I had those assets:-) He knew that I’d be too consumed with it, that I wouldn’t be able to serve him in the best light.

Amazingly God knows all and sees all! And he definitely knows our hearts, (Proverbs 21:2, 1st Sam. 16:7). He knew that my having that 36-24-36 image wasn’t going to enhance my life in a positive way! My heart wasn’t in the right place when I wanted it. And I definitely wasn’t wanting it to lead more followers to Christ? Sidenote (But there’s an idea…maybe we could attach a note to it that says “Follow me!” and lead them to church on Wednesday and Sundays.)  Ok, I’m back. Think about this…consider the things you ask God for. What is the true reason behind your desire for them? That mansion you’ve asked him for, is it to help those less fortunate to have shelter? Are you going to use it to host bible studies to lead more people to Christ or is it for others to see that you’ve “finally arrived”? I’m completely honest with myself through my journey and many things that God didn’t bless me with, I know was because I wasn’t in the right spirit when I requested them.

But I am thankful for all those blessings he has and continues to bestow upon me. I’m happy with the frame that I have. I appreciate the smile that I’m able to share with those I come in contact with. Hopefully, you see God’s transformation of me. So no longer am I concerned about the brick house. I just want to make sure that I get a room in God’s kingdom instead:)


4 thoughts on “Lessons Learned: Why God Didn’t Make Me A Brickhouse!

  1. Yea, It’s hard to figure life out. I feel that some of these voluptuous women have a burden. I sense this when I am nice to them and their all frozen. I can’t altogether blame them. Their beauty is the Karma that they may have been saddled with. What these women don’t know about me is that I talk to the little old ladies too. I look for an inner dimension of values and being. By the way I’m happily married with two teenagers. It sound like you’re very on top of things. Good I’m glad. Thanks for the post. Keep Blogging, Keep Writing

    • Thanks for your comment. I’m writing a part two to this blog, so you’ll have to be sure to keep following. But yes, sometimes what we think is great to have can actually be a burden. And you’re right about the inner dimension…it’s the most important, because it never fades:) Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Tish I love your blog girl!!! You are doing such an amazing job, keep up the good work. I totally feel what you were saying. I think about it on a daily basis…”If I could just cut this stomach off….” (LOL) but as you said it’s just not meant for me and both men and women wouldn’t be able to handle the triple “B” look on me…Beauty, Brain and Body. LOL Seriously though, keep doing what you doing girl!!

    • Thanks so much! I know, I’m notorious for asking God for things. But when he reveals it, it all just makes perfect sense. But indeed, I’m so hard-headed and I’m realizing that I he has to make a believer out of me…what seems like all the time. I think it’s subconscious, but I do it nonetheless and it doesn’t make it right. I’m just glad that someone loves my blog:))

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