You Got To Love Yourself

I have a confession. But first I’d like for you to look at two photos.
Here’s the first one… 
 Feb. 2011

Look closely at my smile. Remember this smile.

Now take a look at this second photo…
April 2011
Can you see the difference? Can you see it?
Ok, I’ll stop quizzing you. The difference is in my lips. In the February picture, my lips are tucked under to appear thinner. In the April picture, they’re in their natural form.
This month, although it’s not over yet, has revealed so much to me. I have always been extremely positive for the most part and spiritually dedicated to Christ. And while I dedicate myself to motivate others, this month has opened my eyes to somethings that I myself needed to deal with.
And although some of you may think this is very small, for me it’s huge. My lips have always made me insecure. From a high school student, I’ve always hated everything about my full lips. I deemed them unattractive to have and for as long as I can remember, I’ve always altered my smile to decrease the size of my lips on camera. Don’t believe me….check out a few other photos below at the bottom of the post.
A very dear friend reminds me constantly to write from an honest vein. He says it’s the key to any writer’s continued success. This doesn’t mean that my past posts weren’t genuine and how I truly felt. But I do think that I need to challenge myself to go much deeper. I entitled today’s post “You Got to Love Yourself”, because I realized that I wasn’t completely loving every aspect of me, as I always harbor to others.  I realize that I had suppressed my lip insecurities so deeply that I was covering them up without thinking anymore.
So I’m asking you to truly love yourself. You’re God’s creation, every piece of you is his work (2Corinthians 5:18). Because I’m his child and he is of me, it’s as if I’m unhappy with God and his creation. I don’t want to be ungrateful to God for what he’s given me. 
But the kicker for me is that all of these years of keeping what God gave me hidden to the world hasn’t gotten me any farther in my journey. But the moment I expose my true self to the world, more people have started to gravitate to me. As real as I thought I was being…people can still feel your unhappiness. The great thing about revealing all of your true self is that you become surrounded by more true people. In this very short period of discovery, I’ve been able to connect to people that I truly feel will be in my life for a very long period of time.
Indeed, it’s made me question why I have had to encounter so many (what I deem) fraudulent people in my life time. Could it have been because we attract what we are? Hmmmm. Yes, that was directed at myself. But if you can take something from it too, be my guest:)
Because the moment I accepted my thick full lips, I instantly found my real self. I love it! I feel so free now! I don’t have to hide behind the layers. I don’t have to feel uncertain of my poses in photographs. I don’t have to worry about what the people next to me think about my profile. These were all things that plagued me. But no longer am I enslaved to the thought that there’s something about me that needs to be drastically changed…especially with the exterior.
God is more concerned about your soul and the condition of your heart, than he will ever be about your looks. And there’s nothing more beautiful than a true child of God. Put the real you out there and watch what happens. Get your shine on. Have a beautiful weekend!
PS….Here are the photos of my concealed lips below…LOL! I still can’t believe how extreme I went to cover my full lips. Oh well, you live and you learn…but most importantly you grow. Enjoy your weekend! Have an awesome Good Friday!
2oo8 still thinning my lips. LOL!!! 
See how I’m tucking my top lip under! Too funny now!

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