Getting Deep Into “The Ugly Side of Sex” Part 1

The Ugly Side of Sex by DK Walker

So if you’re following me or my blog, you would know that I’ve fallen in love with a new book entitled “The Ugly Side of Sex”. And no, it’s NOT for those reasons. However, it’s been a very long time since I’ve been this passionate about a book. But the book has even caused me to write a review on Check it out, if you like…if not you could just read my personal blog review again….. Hey, I did say I was passionate about it. But my passion rung so true, I contacted the author for an interview….Yeah, I’ve gotten pretty bold these days:) Consider 2011 my coming out party!

Anyway, I asked him the ins and out of the book. And he appeared pretty forthcoming about it all. So check out part 1 of my questions and answer session with Mr. DK Walker, as I went Deep into the Ugly Side of Sex!

1.      What was your inspiration behind The Ugly Side of Sex (TUSS)?

I was inspired to give readers a true glimpse into sexual addiction. Its’
pains of the participants, the hurt it cause others in your family, and as a
whole how it debilitates you down to your soul and stains the ilk of your life.

2.      How long did it actually take for you to write The Ugly Side of Sex?

Hmmmm, well actually the writing of The Ugly Side Sex took about 4 months
to complete. But it was more of a process of just transferring it from my mind
onto the computer. I usually have great ideas from the beginning of my books
and the end, and in filling in the middle is the most time consuming part.

3.      A. With the market being so heavily saturated with black erotica, what makes TUSS different? B. Why should readers want to read your book?

A.     Because as much as the sex grabs you of my book, the undertones of the moral implications is what have you looking at the choices you may or may not have made.

B.      Readers can only read books that are unfulfilling for so long. How much sex can be considered erotica until its just pointless fucking? The erotica genre has become very predictable and Black authors are too diverse a people to consistently ask readers to buy our books with little to no substance.

4.      Do you consider yourself to have a specific writing style?

Can’t say if I do, but I’ve learn to say more with less. I write leading the reader to infer from what I give them. Leaving a little to their imagination leaves to great debate on what was meant of what was written. But not so much so  that reader is off the point I’m trying to show.

5.      I absolutely enjoyed the book. And although there are vivid depictions of sex within it, ultimately I found there to be an even heavier subject matter which is indeed the heart of the book, which in my opinion is the topic of sexual addiction. Do you find that your readers understand the message or are they more moved by the sex itself?

Good question. Feed back so far has been mostly about the moral factor,
or lack there of the characters in the book. I have been told on quite a few
occasions that some readers had to stop reading because certain feelings were
aroused in them. That they know they shouldn’t be reading it at work, with no
immediate release….lol!

To Be Continued…..

Be sure to follow me, so that you’re sure to get Part 2 of my interview with Mr. DK Walker, as we continue to dig Deep into The Ugly Side of Sex.

Author, DK Walker

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