A Walk Worth Taking: Why Relay For Life is Important to Me

At 7pm central time tonight, I will be showing my support for an awesome cause. And this year, it means so, so much more. Annually, the American Cancer Society hosts a nation wide Relay For Life event that gives everyone across the country in communities all over the opportunity to celebrate the lives of those who may be battling cancer, or who have lost their battle with cancer, and fight back against the ugly disease.

I have supported Relay for Life every year, much in part because my late father, battled prostate cancer, although he was in remission when he passed in 2007. However, this year it’s extremely special to me. On January 8th, my grandmother Mary Daniels lost her battle with stomach and lung cancer. It was the first time, we truly saw how the disease could quickly take over and cause so much pain to so many in such a small period of time.

My grandma, Mary Daniels, who lost her battle with cancer January 8, 2011

It is my goal for 2012 to be an active participant of Peddling for a Cure ( http://www.facebook.com/pages/Relay-for-LifePeddlin-For-A-Cure-Monroe-County-Alabama/340724472926 an annual event in Monroeville, AL where participants cycle from Monroeville, AL to a destination in Mobile County, AL to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

I purchased a luminarium for my grandma to show that I will never forget and stand strong in the fight against cancer. It’s my small way of paying it forward, so that possibly someone else won’t have to endure what our family has had to deal with in such a short period of time. If you’re in or around Monroe County, AL tonight, I ask that you come and show your support.

Join the thousands of others, who will be there cheering on the survivors and celebrating the loss. If you’re not involved, it’s never too late. Simply go to the website, http://www.relayforlife.org/relay/ to find a location nearest you to get involved.

Also the American Cancer Society, http://www.cancer.org/, to find other ways to aid in showing your love and support. Remember, cancer doesn’t have any preference. It can happen to any of us.


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