Getting Deep Into “The Ugly Side of Sex” Part 2

Last week, I posted my interview with the author of “The Ugly Side of Sex” Part 2. If you didn’t see it, here’s the link:

This week, I conclude my interview with DK….

6.      What have been some of the pits you’ve experienced in getting your book out?  

None. The main reason why I went the self publishing route is to have
full control and to continue to oversee the overall vision of En El Publishing.
Of course it would have been easier to have shopped around my manuscript, but I
was not willing to concede what a major publishing house may have asked me to

 7.    What has been some of the highs for you, since you’ve written your book?  

Feedback from readers and their interpretation of what the book meant to
them. I mean to actually sit down and have a conversation for a few hours and
listen to what the book meant to someone is a successful high that fuels me to
give my readers something better the next outing.

8.      How has your friends and family responded to your writing such a dark piece of work, your first time out the gate?

Met with support and how, when, and why did I arrive at this for my first
publication. But this was a very easy write for me, flowed smoothly. Almost
wrote itself.

9.      What would you truly like for your readers to walk away with after
reading The Ugly Side of Sex?

To take an honest inventory of decision one may have made when it comes
to sex. And how sex is a very powerful tool that left unchecked can lead one to
total ruin. And since it’s so enjoyable one would never see it coming….You’ll
be along for the ride and before you know it the ride is driving you.

10.      What’s next for DK Walker?

A self help book entitled ‘A Black Woman’s Guide to Easing Emotional Constipation’….title grabs you but inside the book will surely help any woman that reads it with having the mind set of being totally transparent.

I can say with a title like that, I’m definitely going to be intrigued to read it. LOL!

And there you have it….but trust me, this isn’t the end for Mr. Walker by a long shot. I want to go on record having said that I really appreciate DK taking the time out to even consider my interview. And the mere fact that he actually took my call, said so much more. It says so much about his character. While that may be the last question he answers about The Ugly Side of Sex for me, you can believe that if there’s answers to be received about the second book, I’ll be one of the first to bring the questions:)

If you haven’t gotten the book, The Ugly Side of Sex go get it!

For Personal autographed copies….

Regular paperback or Kindle

God bless you all!



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