Free Me From Mickey D’s Sweet Tea!

McDonald's Sweet Tea

Badabababa…I’m loving it! I don’t understand how it happened so quickly. How something so simple could cause such a huge impact on my life. Without it, life seems a little harder to manage. Who knew that the purchase of something that costs $1 would be able to alter my mood in such a way.

I’m speaking of the obsession that’s known as the McDonald’s Sweet Tea. It’s like heaven in a styrofoam cup to me. 32 ozs of pure bliss. It’s become my daily fix. Whereever I go, I have to stop in and grab a tall styrofoam cup of that syrupy crack on ice. LOL!!! Notice how I keep emphasizing on styrofoam. It truly makes a difference. Don’t think so, taste it in the plastic cup and then in the styrofoam. From here on out, you will be requesting the styrofoam, whether you’re dining in or in the drive-thru:)

I'm Loving It! The McDonald's Sweet Tea

Trust me, I’ve drank so many cups in the last few weeks I think I should be their new spokesperson. Somedays, it’s sad to say that I’ve gone to McDonald’s twice in one day…only for the sweet tea! Kudos to McDonald’s….I stopped eating their burgers a while ago. But they’re getting nearly $10 a week from me in sweet tea alone.

I know I have to kick this habit. The extra calories are killing my diet. But it just makes me feel so happy and satisfied….at least until I get my next cup. I wonder if they have a meeting to help me kick this addiction…Anyway, for certain I can’t be the only one who’s feeling this way. Nonetheless, until I find one, I will have to ask each and everyone of you to help me kick this habit! Operation #Freemefrommickeydsweettea is in full effect.

Me enjoying my $1 fix tonight 5/10/2011: McDonald's Sweet Tea


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