Take the First Step

Last weekend, I walked to support the American Cancer Society in their Relay for Life benefit. Having lost a grandma this year, and witness a father take treatments because of cancer, it’s a cause that has taken on new meaning to me. As you get older, you start to realize how much impact something has on you, when you’re directly affected by it. In the beginning of April, I had mentioned that I’d like to take part in the Peddlin’ for a Cure benefit next year, where cyclists start from Monroeville, AL and end up in a city in Mobile County to support cancer research. When speaking to a lady about it at the Relay for Life benefit, inquiring about what it would take for me to complete the event, she simply replied…”Getting on a bike, is the first step!”

Wow, simply put. But it meant so much. Are you feeling that you need to build a relationship with God, because you recognize that a change in you needs to happen? Are you afraid that you simply will not be able to live up to all the expectations that the Bible lists as necessary to have a wonderful walk with the Lord. Do you feel defeated, because you’re afraid you won’t be able to keep the course?

Well if you answered yes to any of those questions…let me tell you the truth. You may go off the course sometimes. You may not live up to God’s expectation’s all the time. But you won’t know if you will or won’t if you don’t take that very first step. Have you opened your bible and read a daily scripture? Maybe you don’t understand it right now. But trust me, in time things will eventually start to make sense with more study (2Timothy 2:15). Have you taken the first step and talked to God and ask for him to penetrate your heart with conditioning that will allow you to grow even closer to him? Because he will (Matthew 7:7).

Let me be the first to encourage you to take that first necessary step of many more to follow. But you can’t go anywhere without ever taking that first step. Honestly, I’m a complete work in progress. I have my own shortcomings. But from experience, I can tell you that when I fall short, I never have a problem, acknowledging my mistakes (and there have been many), getting back up and asking God to help me on down the road. And he has done even more than I ask.  And I’m more than willing to support you to do the same.

Answer God’s call, he’s waiting for you. If you’re afraid, I ask you to seek me out. My email address will be listed below and I would be willing to study with you and encourage you confidentially, if you’d like. We all need love and support and it’s necessary to make it through this bumpy road, we call life. God commands us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves (Matthew 22:39). And I know if I saw myself walking down a road going in the wrong direction, I’d want someone to help and get me back to the right one.

Those who are on the right path, why not help others along the way? May God bless each and everyone of you today and beyond.


Tanisha Rankins

Email: info@tanisharankins.com

Website: www.TanishaRankins.com


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