Behind the Movement: PGRD Founder Dearroka Winfrey Speaks

Dearroka Winfrey, Founder of Pretty Girls Rock Dresses (tm)

From the moment I found out about the Pretty Girls Rock Dresses movement, I was all in! I have always considered myself a flirty girl, so any opportunity I’d have to wear a dress and heels and show my legs (they’re my favorite feature:) I was definitely going to support. It’s so amazing to meet women from the smallest parts of the world, who have pledged solidarity to bring back the lady. And I’m so honored to be able to share this post of that founder who started it all. I hope you’ll check out my candid interview with Ms. Dearroka Winfrey….”The Force Behind the Movement!”

Me: You’re known for your movement, The Pretty Girls Rock Dresses event.  I understand the rules of Pretty Girls Rock Dresses, which I absolutely support 100%. But for those who don’t know I will list the rules….

The PRETTY GIRLS ROCK”DRESSES” LLC Challenge will start
Tuesday, March 1, 2011.
1. We will rock dresses and cute shoes (flats and heels) like our mothers & grandmothers at least THREE (3) times a week.
2. We will reject the impulse to throw on jeans, jogging suits (even the cute kind), & dress slacks.
3. Exchange our revelations and thoughts throughout this challenge.
4. Invite a Friend(s), Take Pics, & HAVE FUN.
5. Everyone is WELCOMED to participate.
6. Exceptions: Flattering Dress Suits with nice accessories are allowed.
7. If you have a blog share it with your followers.

Let’s bring back:
*GLAMOUR. *GRACE. *CHARM. *FEMININTY. *PRISSYness (is that a word?) and most of all BEAUTY.

Pretty Girls Rock Dresses Spring/Summer 20-11 Challenge.

Me: 1st Question, How did PGRD come about or should I say what was your inspiration behind the movement?

DW:(Smiling). The movement was inspired by Spike Lee’s Malcolm X. I participated in my first FAST (not back sliding) with my church.  So coming off that fast I was happy to be at home playing on facebook and eating. I was looking at Denzel Washington in one of his Malcolm X suits and thought to myself “I SURE WISHED CHRISTIAN MEN WOULD TAKE A NOTE FROM THE NATION OF ISLAM BROTHERS AND ROCK SUITS WITH CUTE BOW TIES!!!” this thought I posted on facebook. A friend suggested if “WOMEN DRESSED MORE LIKE LADIES THEN MEN WOULD FOLLOW SUIT!!!”. So joking with Antonette and Sonya I created a dress challenge. PGRDresses was born because of a joke b/w friends.

Inspirational photo for the PGRD movment

Me: Wow, a joke created all of this? How fascinating! Well considering it started as a joke, did you expect that it would be the momentous?

DW: NO WAY!!!!!!!!! I could never have dreamed that my joke would become a NATIONAL CAMPAIGN for feminine empowerment and solidarity J. 

Me: Well, how do you feel with the response and participation that PGRD has received?

DW: I am APPRECIATIVE of the LOVE and SUPPORT for PGRDresses. In my wildest imagination I could not have dreamt the response. I love how women of different backgrounds regardless of race, age, class, and socioeconomic background have taken interest in PGRDresses. I feel that this is our season to unleash our feminine power. What better way by rocking a PGRDress? It is very humbling and I honestly feel that “The Pretty Movement ™” is bigger than me and my immediate circle.

Me: If there was one moment that occurred that solidified the impact of PGRD, what was it?

I have had several moments during this journey. Strangers have embraced PGRDresses wholeheartedly. Women have reached out to me for advice on how to rock dresses and how to incorporate femininity into their daily routines.

One young woman told me she cleaned houses for a living and she wanted me to tell her how she could participate in my challenge……that was very humbling.

The young lady who had her middle school age students rocking dresses and bow ties was heart warming.

The PGRDresses Event in NY hosted by PGRDress REP-STAR T. Bernie at the exclusive Tracy Reese Dress Boutique in NY.

PGRD Launch In Memphis collects donations for a local women's shelter

The adoption of a Shelter for Battered Women in Memphis.

All of the women and girls we have touched by donating dresses, toiliterties, and clothes makes my heart burst over with JOY & PRIDE

Those instances and others have solidified the importance and need for  “ THE PRETTY MOVEMENT” ™.

Me: I see the deadline for PGRD says summer of 2011. Will this movement be extended?

DW: The Facebook challenge ends on June 31, 2011.

June 31, 2011 does not exist…….God has an amazing sense of HUMOR. All of the things associated with PGRDresses seems calculated and premeditated. It was not!!!!!!!!


Me: PGRD has already taken off very well. Tell me what direction would you like to see PGRD continuously moving towards?

DW: More community service. More parties surrounded by Community Service and empowering not only women and girls but MEN and BOYS.  “ THE PRETTY MOVEMENT” ™ is about helping and empowering one another to do better and to be better.

Me: So what’s next on the agenda for PGRD? 

DW: PGRDresses is going GLOBAL. Our REP-STARS are in most major markets and we have plans on expanding “ THE PRETTY MOVEMENT” ™. We will rock our pretty dresses, fly handbags, and show stopping shoes while doing PGRD.E.E.D.S.

We are about looking good on the outside but exhibiting goodness and beauty that can only come from a good heart and pure intentions.

There’s POWER in the DRESS, PURSE, and STILETTO. ~PGRDresses ™

Several PGRD participants and founder celebrate together


I know you think this is the end of my conversation….but it’s not! Follow me next week, as I draw my interview to a close getting up close and personal with this Shining Star on the Rise, as you find out more about our Pretty Girls Rock Dresses founder!!!

For more information about the Pretty Girls Rock Dresses Movement:



Email to Dearroka Winfrey:


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