To Find a Way or Make One

A very great friend of mine told me that her motto in college was “Find a way or make one”. Now I didn’t graduate from Clark Atlanta University, (which by the way is where that dear friend attended college), but that appears to have been my way of thinking too. And I think it’s a great contributor of the success I’ve been afforded in my life.

Consider this, I am actually sitting my McDonald’s as I type this blog because my internet service is down and won’t be available for at least another 24 hours. I had work to do and instead of using that as an excuse to not do anything. I found away to get my work done and actually multi-task in the process.

I currently have two jobs and I am a business consultant, as well as a Marketing Director for a small publishing company. All of which require me to keep in contact with many different client’s problems at a moment’s notice. While I can handle much of my business from my blackberry, alot of what I do resides on my laptop so I still need it to conduct business, as well.

(Sidenote) Actually the booth at Mickey D’s takes me back to my days of working from a cubicle. So the noise of the people next to me doesn’t really bother me. The ocassional customer that recognizes me, has come and sat a brief moment to do some quick chit chat. It’s a welcomed distraction, but I quickly get back to my post. (Sidenote ends)

Sitting here I wonder if others who seemingly don’t get what they expect to achieve do so because they have a defeated attitude. They crumble under the least bit of pressure or they find every excuse to not do what needs to be done in order to reach their goal. Honestly, I know that God is responsible for my success. But I can’t forget that faith without works is dead. It’s not enough for me to expect job to send me my dream job, when I haven’t put in an application for that company. It’s not right for me to expect God to send me the man of my dreams, when I won’t even leave the house. It’s not right for me to expect God to open the door, when I’m not willing to turn the knob.

This is a plea to those who are feeling hopeless down and out. I ask that you diligently take a look inside of yourself and ask yourself are you really doing all you can. Or are you looking for any opportunity to stop short of your goal. Make a commitment to find a way or make one when it comes to having what you desire in life.


A cute poem I found online

You Can Do It!

Much love,


Tanisha Rankins


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