My Daddy’s Day Dilemma

This year, Father’s Day posed a great deal of frustration for me. First of all, when looking for the perfect gift for great fathers that you want to honor that day, you’re pretty limited. But I didn’t discover how limited until I went searching for the perfect Father’s Day card and realized, Hallmark, American Greetings, and any other generic card maker doesn’t really want you to celebrate fathers unless they’re your own. There weren’t any Father’s Day card to just great men who you witness as great fathers. As a matter of fact, the Father’s Day section was limited to just 2 little blocks of cards! Really……really???? Can I have a card to tell my uncles Happy Father’s Day for treating my cousins with love and respect? Can I have really good male friends, who happen to be great dads and I want to show my love and support of their efforts on this great day? I suppose the only dads that are worthy of a Happy Father’s Day card have to be your own father or the fathers of your children, which you have to be married to!  Considering there wasn’t even a decent generic Father’s Day card to purchase, which left me mad and shaking my head!!! Especially considering the fact that Hallmark made a card to give to moms on Father’s Day! ARE YOU KIDDING ME????

Anyway, I finally drove to one store where they did have about 4 options of generic Father’s Day cards to choose from, which I embellished with my own words:) I was just happy to find a card that had at least the words “Happy Father’s Day” and didn’t imply that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with them.

So my challenge to greeting card companies is this…I love my moms too! And I don’t want to take anything from the roles they play in our lives. But the truth to the matter is no matter how great the mother, there’d be no us without the daddy’s. Just a thought!!!


A girl who loves to celebrate all great dads too!!!


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