Dearroka Winfrey: The Force Behind the PGRD Movement

Dearroka Winfrey, Founder of Pretty Girls Rock Dresses (tm)

Feeling the earth shake? Don’t know what all the commotion is about? It’s the return of the lady and the founder, Dearroka Winfrey, has shaken up the country big time. I’m sure the sale of dresses have increased significantly this year, since Pretty Girls Rock Dresses was born.

If you follow my post, you’d know that I featured her some time ago to talk about the cause, Ms. Winfrey created to give people a greater idea of what the excitement was all about! (If you didn’t see that post, here’s the link )But today isn’t about the movement, as much as it is about the Force:) So let’s get personal with Ms. Winfrey (that’s right she’s single gentlemen. But you have to come correct with your approach, to this very talented and gifted sista:) that I’m so proud to call my friend)…

ME: Where are you originally from?

DW: Atlanta, GA.

ME: Where did you attend college and what was your major?

DW: I attended CLARK ATLANTA UNIVERSITY, where I majored in Political

ME: What does Dearroka like to do in her spare time, if you actually have spare time?

DW:  With the spare time I have , I work out like a warrior queen. I run, jog, spin, and weight train. I am also involved in 2 greek lettered organizations: ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA and SIGMA ALPHA IOTA. I find time to do community service projects that help women and children. I teach Sunday School once a month at Destiny World Church in Austell, GA. I am also part owner of the ART OF CONVERSATION ATLANTA. It’s an event company that bring people together to discuss current events, relationships, and political topics that are hot in the news. I’m an ATLANTA SOCIALITE. I stay busy.

ME: I can certainly see you are busy. But what are some other causes you support, in addition to PGRD?  

DW: I am a supporter of the ARTS and MUSIC. Music is my first LOVE. I support new artists and underground artists. *Hosea Feed the Hungry is
my PET COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECT. Whenever I have an event I try to incorporate a can food drive or clothing drive to help their ministry. *I support several different politicans and social agendas. I love politics and activisim I seek out opportunities to help righteous people make a difference.

 ME: That’s very commendable. Tell me where do you see yourself in the next five years?

DW: In 5 years I envision myself the head of several non profit organizations. I love politics and social activism; I should be able to find my niche in that arena.  I hope to see PGRDresses making a lasting contribution to the community and world. My dream is to see women boldly embracing their femininity and loving the skin they are in………THERE’S POWER IN WOMANHOOD. LADIES LET’S EMBRACE IT.

ME: I know since PGRD, I’ve definitely embraced ALL of my power. And get it done while looking fierce too:) LOL!!! I want to thank you so much for your positive contribution to the world. My final question to you is, what would you really like people to understand about Dearroka Winfrey?

DW: Wow, that’s a hard question. I want people to know that faith and hard work can make the unimaginable a reality. If someone would have told me last year that PGRDresses would be here and that I would be doing all of these amazing things I would have thought they were CRAZY. I want people to correlate PGRDresses and DLW with vision and making the most of a wonderful opportunity. There’s power in stepping out on faith and casting your net wide.
With GOD all things are POSSIBLE; I AM A WITNESS. Thanks for all of the Support and stay tune to

As you can see, this lady has it together. I’m certain this isn’t the last you’ll hear of her.

For more information about the Pretty Girls Rock Dresses Movement:



Email to Dearroka Winfrey:

Dearroka said it best and I think it’s a perfect ending to this post. Remember always that With GOD ALL things are possible!


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