We’re In This Love Together

Al Jarreau said it best in his breakout classic. But the type of love he speaks of  isn’t particularly what this post is referring to. The love I’m speaking of is about the love for seeing women elevated to new heights. I’m talking about the organizations that are dedicated throughout to helping and seeing women continue to excellence. They’re a great part of my network. I’m certain that there are numerous organizations. But the following that I mention are near and dear to my heart, as I’m personally affected by being a part of them. And I’m thankful for their message and wherewithall to see it carried all throughout the world. If you’re a woman that is eager to grow, whether it’s spiritually, professionally, or whole-heartedly, you’re certain to benefit by your affiliation with them. So I encourage you to become apart of it.

The BOSS Network - Bringing Out Successful Sisters

1. The B.O.S.S. Network (Bringing Out Successful Sisters)- http://www.thebossnetwork.org

From the moment I joined the group, I immediately felt a different energy. It’s not your typical women group that supports you with limitations. The founder, Cameka Smith, makes you feel more than welcome to mingle and mix with a diverse group of professional women of all ages. Named for the second year in a row by Forbes.com as Top 100 Website for Women Entrepreneurs. Forget the stereotypes, there’s no cattiness in this forum. The ladies of this group work together in complete harmony.

2. National Business Women Enterprise Network – http://www.nbwenorg.ning.com

National Business Women Enterprise Network

One of the first networks I became a member of, I have connected with some of the most motivated and inspiring ladies throughout the country. The greatest thing to me was when the founder Shellye Lyons actually sent me a personal message. It was a genuine message about the posts she’d seen, as well as opportunities that she thought would be of interest to me. I appreciated her keen eye and attention to detail. In addition,  NBWEN is all about giving back to the community. So they care about the individual, but they’re also aware of how they can collectively impact the community.

3. Pretty Girls Rock Dresses, Inc. – http://www.prettygirlsrockdresses.com

Pretty Girls Rock Dresses, Inc (tm)

Founded by Dearroka Winfrey, this group is all about uplifting women to stand strong and

look great doing it. This organization is all about restoring femininity in the female, and giving back to the community. I was more than happy to be a part of this collective group of ladies that are strong and giving those less fortunate a hand up. It’s a call for women to return to their roots, understanding that when you look good…you feel good about yourself and others.

National Association of Women on the Rise

4. National Association of Women on the Rise –  http://nawomenrise.com/

There are a great number of professional women who are eager to lend a helping hand in this organization. The creator of NAWR, Sylvia Browder,allows her members to network and share knowledge openly and freely. She also offers members opportunities to partake in webinars and teleseminars to gain further insight on a variety of topics geared towards enhancing your entrepreneurial spirit.

As I stated earlier, there are a number of sites dedicated to uplifting and supporting women. But from experience, I definitely value my relationship with all of them and find them extremely beneficial. Additionally, they all share the same mission which is to endlessly support and give back. I hope that you all will take a chance to get more information about them and hopefully we’ll grow an even stronger relationship too. I’m truly looking forward to adding to my circle:)

Much love,



6 thoughts on “We’re In This Love Together

  1. Oh I love this! Thanks so much for including NAWR in your article and among the other amazing organizations. I am in awe that we share one important thing and that is the passion to empower.

    See you at the top,

    Sylvia Browder, Founder
    National Association Women on the Rise (NAWR)

  2. Sylvia,
    I think we often forget that we don’t have to do it alone. And instead of competing so much against one another, we really have the same mission so we should be showing support of each other. This should actually be shared with another organization we know.

    Thanks again,


  3. Hi Tanisha,

    I just saw this post. Thank you so much for the encouragement and love shown to NBWEN. It is an honor to serve other women and our community and it’s times like this that confirm I’m on the right path.

    Thank you again! Great post!

    • Shellye,
      You’re so welcome. I love the power of networking and supporting others and I feel that your organization, as well as the others that I mentioned are great at doing so. Keep up the great work!

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