Uncompromising Success

Missy Elliot

Tonight after watching Missy Elliot’s, “Behind the Music” on VH-1 tonight, I realized even more how wonderful God is. I appreciate her sharing her story about how she got started and being left out of a project, because she had been told that her image (which was because she wasn’t a stick figure) wasn’t good for television. And how she left another project that she’d put alot of blood, sweat and tears into, because it went against what she had believed.She took a risk that actually paid off even more than she expected.

That’s the amazing thing about God. Sometimes when we think we’re losing, God is setting us up to gain sooo much more. Missy Elliot was thrown to the side of one project because she was heavier than the women in the media at the time. But she went on to be one of the best selling hip hop artist of all times. She also became one of the most sought out producers/writers at the time. An executive actually recognized her talent and gave her an opportunity as a solo artists that would land her in the media and known for one of the hottest videos in hip hop! And she didn’t have to compromise who she was as a person.

That’s the greatest thing about God’s gift. You can identify God’s gifts from Satan’s set-up by how much of your core you have to compromise to get it. In the business world, I witness a lot of deals in which someone has to make a deal with the devil to get. It causes the core of who they were, to become non-existent. You don’t truly recognize the person that you thought you knew, because Satan has drawn them so far away from themselves and injects so much fear into them. That they actually refuse to look back at what they were.

Personally, I have decided to be cautious about those deals. Maybe I won’t obtain an abundance of wealth. But I will definitely be able to sleep at night, knowing that what I have attained wasn’t due to a compromise of my morals and most importantly my faith. I believe that when God gives you a blessing, you won’t have to choose between good and bad. It will be ALL good. And you’ll be able to sleep comfortably because of it.

Are you losing yourself? Have you become someone you don’t recognize to get the carrot that the Devil has been dangling in front of you? Take heed! The devil is busy. Be sure that gold that is glistening is really from God.

Just my two cents…


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