My Review of Beyonce’s “4”

Beyonce 4

Let me first start off by saying I was skeptic of purchasing this cd, much because I wasn’t a fan of the anthem of “Run the World (Girls)”. However, I am learning that music sounds much better to me in my car. LOL!!! I guess I have a really good sound system in my car:) But moving on, I actually find this cd very empowering. In my personal opinion, this is Beyonce’s most powerful cd to date.

Now I’m not a famous critic, so I’m not just saying this so that they’ll seek me out, for the future. But this is a very mature sound from Beyonce and the music shows how much she’s had to grow up over the last few years.

My favorite song on 4 is entitled “I Miss You”. It’s a light ballad. But I’d put money on it, that this song was written about her father, who she relinguished from managing her career, last year. This song is a like a talking page from her diary. And the way she sings it, assures me that she’d had some reservations and misses his presence from her business life deeply. But again, I could be wrong. But I’m almost certain I’m not.

My second favorite song is a tie between “Runs the World (Girls)” …I know right, but it sounds so much better to me, since I purchased the cd… and “Countdown”. The Runs the World anthem is so catchy and the beat is ridiculous!!! But the lyrics ring true…women have the ability to persuade people to do anything they want (Genesis is true evidence of that. But that talent may not always be best. Remember Eve? IJS!). We are an influential group of people. And based on the growth of Beyonce, she and Oprah are some of the best representation of how strong and prevailing we can be!!! Countdown has my heart, because it samples one of my favorite songs “Uh Ahh” by Boyz II Men…need I say more!!! Without that sample, the track wouldn’t have been as hot! But it’s still going to be a club banger, I’m sure.

I have to say that I could listen to the majority of this cd without touching the dial. Although, I will say my least favorite is “Rather Die Young”. It was a little too sappy for my taste, so I pressed forward and from there I was deeply satisfied.

The remainder of the cd is awesome in my opinion! And this is the appropriate amount and quality of songs to let everyone know that Beyonce is Here (she even has a song about it, “I Am Here” #11 on the cd). And from the success that I know this album is going to garner, she’s not going anywhere anytime soon. I see Grammys from this album for sure!!!


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