Can You Expect Support If You’re not Supportive?

I recently witness an organization that was supposed to be all about supporting women, reprimand a female (*Jane) within their organization for attending another former employee’s (*Carol) organization banquet, despite Jane went on her own personal time. The organization felt that Carol’s organization was a competitor of their organization (because both organizations were supposed to be about helping and empowering successful business women),  so they didn’t think it was necessary or beneficial for Jane to attend it.

When I heard about it, I thought the organization clearly misunderstands the true art and benefit of networking. But most importantly, how much support can you expect, if you’re not willing to be supportive of others.

The old adage still rings true: You can catch more flies with honey than with cow manuer. Disgusting as it may sound, it’s still proves true. If you’re nice to people, people will be nice to you. I have a few mentors. In the past, I value much of the advice they’ve given me. However, on  a couple of things, I have a difference of opinion about networking.

The first things is this…as a Christian, the instructions that God gives me trumps any other networking advice from any guru of any subject. My Father tells me that we are to love our neighbors as ourselves. With that being said, I am openingly attentive to all that I come in contact with, despite what position they hold within an organization or salary they may have. So, I will not dismiss those that seemingly may not be beneficial to my cause immediately.

I’m a living witness to not being able to predict my future. But I will tell you this, those relationships that I built out of sincerity, despite not seeing a mutual benefit to our building a relationship, were the ones that benefited me the most in the long run. Because the path I had wanted to take for myself was clearly not the one that God intended for me. And when I needed help and aid, it was the ones who weren’t of mutual benefit at the time we met, that were able to support my cause in my later future, or had some expertise on a situation that I later on encountered.

Secondly I personally believe that every person that crosses your path, regardless of how short or long the period of time, serves a purpose in your life. And you never know when that purpose will be revealed. I have met people that I have bumped into for a brief moment, and years later I’ve come to grow a greater bond with them. So, I don’t discredit some people because they don’t seem to be beneficial to me. Sometimes, they are there to just deliver a brief message that is needed to be heard.

Lastly, how fair is it of you to expect something from someone that you’re not willing to give. Can you actually ask someone to come to your event or function, if you’ve never taken the time to attend one of theirs?

The point to this message is clear. We could accomplish so  much more when we learn to work together instead of tearing others apart or separating ourselves and trying to do it all on our own. Let’s start uplifting one another, the world WILL be better for it.


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