Evelyn v/s Jennifer: Should Evelyn Really Be Disappointed with Jennifer?

Against my better judgement, I broke down and watched Basketball Wives. Last night Evelyn Lozada, who’s engaged to Chad Ochocinco, found out that Jennifer spoke on the radio about her reservations about Chad. Evelyn appeared to be upset that Jennifer would say such things about her possibly soon to be fiance. Some of my friends, say that it’s shady for Jennifer to express such concerns to the media. But I posed this question, should Evelyn really expect Jennifer to be supportive of her marriage, when she really wasn’t supportive in the salvage of Jennifer’s?

In the first season, if I remember correctly Evelyn and Suzie both encouraged Jennifer to hook up with other people while she was married to Eric. I can’t remember Evelyn saying anything that would be supportive of making her marriage work. It was clear that Eric had cheated on Jennifer in the past. But the fact that she chose to marry him after he cheated on her, says that she was trying to forgive him. And even I could see that Jennifer was still in love with Eric in the second season, just more disappointed and to me, seemingly scared of being hurt again. But instead of Evelyn encouraging her to take a step back and truly evaluate her relationship and if she really wanted to get a divorce. Where were the positive suggestions to possibly get her marriage on track. The least she could have said was “What Would Jesus Do?”  But it seemed to me that she was more for encouraging her to go ahead and cut her ties.

It seems more like Karma to me. The only difference is, it’s clear that Evelyn will stand by her man, as Jennifer probably should have had. Kudos to Evelyn for being rooted in the man she’s going to hopefully soon call her husband. If she’s sure this man is the one, I wouldn’t expect her to go against him. Jennifer could possibly take note, for the next man. Never solicit marital advice from a single person. But I don’t really think Evelyn should be upset that Jennifer isn’t supportive of her upcoming nuptials. I think Evelyn did have Jennifer’s back, independently. But not when it was to help her save her marriage. And I believe that Jennifer would have Evelyn’s back singularly, as well. But not about her marriage to Ochocinco.

Hopefully if there’s one lesson to learn from this whole situation it’s to never expect what you’re not willing to give….

Just my two cents:)


2 thoughts on “Evelyn v/s Jennifer: Should Evelyn Really Be Disappointed with Jennifer?

  1. wow it’s crazy evelyn shouldn be like that you need to grow up,,,,that was you best friend..get over it chad is a ho…and you are to…..wow get over yourself……

    • Yeah, I would have thought she’d be tired of fighting by now. But clearly she’s not.

      Thanks for your comments. Only time will tell what the real deal is with Evelyn and Chad:)

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