How God Delivered Inspiration and Motivation Thru an Oxygen Mask

Life is so funny. When you’re at your busiest, all you ever want is peace. And when you have all the peace, you seem to inevitably have a craving for a little bit of “something”. That’s where I’ve been in my life for a couple of years, it’s seemed. My life has been a world wind nonetheless, up until late last year. I’ve had more hurdles thrown at me than you can you probably imagine…But then again, maybe you’re battling your own set of hurdles, so I’m sure you can relate. But things have finally started to slow down in pace, and I find myself looking for something to get me moving.

Sure, I am always willing to do a kind gesture for those in need. But what I’m finding is that as I get older (I’m 33), I’m always in search of those things that are phenomenally large to give us purpose and motivate us to carry one. After all, that’s what you see in the media right? It the large grandeur things that catches our attention. It’s the Beyonce’s, the Oprahs, The Bill Gates, and the Jaz-Z’s that we look to make us want to get up and get moving. Yeah…sometimes. But I’ve noticed that it’s the smalllest of things that gets me moving, as time passes by.

I recently started teaching computer skills classes at Alabama State University’s Southern Normal campus a couple of days a week. Yesterday (Saturday) after class was over and I turned the lights off and shut the door of my classroom, I drove home recanting all the things that went on. And suddenly the tears started to flow. The majority of my students consist of people who have been dealing with the difficulty of losing a job unexpectedly or simply because they were forced to take a career change due to the sluggish economy and they are striving to learn what they can.

I am in awe because I have a student who was in a really bad car crash and nearly half of his body is paralyzed and yet he never complains about the typing required in the class. He’s always the first one there, bright and early, eager to learn with the brightest of smiles. Another student requires oxygen, but yet she still is there diligently doing what it takes to sharpen her skills to hopefully regain employment soon. And there are many others, who I am so blessed to know and be within their presence.

Inspiration and motivation is all around me and it comes in the oddest of packaging sometimes. It’s where you least expect it. Yesterday, one of them said to me, “I’m sure you probably regret teaching this class, considering how little we know already.” And I had to explain to her, that I absolutely love the class that I teach and all that I teach it to. Because I’m totally inspired everytime, I go and I leave. It’s amazing, I realized that I spend so much time trying to be a blessing to others. That I rarely stop to take the time to realize the blessings that others give to me daily.

So from this day forward, I will do my best to balance it out. I will stop complaining about not having anything to do, because there’s always others looking for peace. No longer will I talk about having too much to do. Because there are others who would be happy to be able to do more. And lastly I will stop burning the candle at both ends looking for huge bursts of inspiration and motivation. I will simply take a deep breath, relax and appreciate all of God’s motivation and inspiration, great AND small!

Have a beautiful blessed day.


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