Mercy Isn’t About Justice

This morning in early morning Bible study we studied about mercy. It’s something that many of us want, but aren’t willing to give these days. Think about it, when we fall short we desire people to forgive us or to not hold it against us too bad. We’re quick to want pardon. But most of us want justice served to those who’ve wronged us.

Honestly, it’s something I think about and have been criticized for over the past several years. I’ll be the first to confess that I’ve made some pretty bad choices in my life, which have led me down a pretty bumpy past. I can’t say it wasn’t because I didn’t love God, but honestly I loved myself more. You see I want what I want when I want it and often times my wants haven’t been in accordance to God’s instructed word. And yet, I still hope that God will have mercy on me when the judgement day comes.The fact to the matter is if you’re shown mercy, it’s not about justice anymore. But many of us think they go hand in hand.

However the one thing we’re not able to judge is each others hearts. Is it right for me to request mercy for my short-comings and not expect nor desire God to show mercy to someone else who has also sinned? Is it fair for me to ask God to forgive me for my sins and not want him to grant others forgiveness (Matthew 6:15)? These are just things to ponder. But lastly, I just have to ask…Would you choose to remain in heaven if you looked over and saw that person you felt had wronged you and wasn’t worthy of forgiveness was pardoned and made it in too? Is it unlikely? Just a thought:)


Have a beautiful blessed Sunday!


Just My Savvy Two Cents.



2 thoughts on “Mercy Isn’t About Justice

  1. Well, i agee 100%, however, if you dont mind me being blunt, the problem is not what you said is wrong, it is how the concept you just mentioned often applies in some churches. I’ll give you an example, a few years i was involved in this church, the vice pastor of the church is a really strong willed woman. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with strong willed personality, as God created us all diff, i do think there is a prob when strong willed chrisitans who has this attitude, if i say it is right, it is right, if i say it is wrong, it is wrong, regardless of what actually happened, if you dare to disagree with me, i will bulldoze you over. Further more, she HAS NEVER repented about her attitude, she will repent for a particular incident, but never the attitude lead to her behaviours. It is like a thief who will repent for stealing this time, but never willing to acknowledge that stealing in itself IS wrong, and ask God to help him change his attitude, hence he just keep on leaving carcasses after carcass in his trail. Anyway, this woman had persecuted me so manytime in church, until i could not take it anymore and left. But what angers me the most was not actually what she did to me, it was how the church handled it. Instead of going up to this woman and tell her to cut it out, they keep coming to me, using the theory you just described, basically telling me what she was doing wasnt as much wrong as momentary weakness, that a good christain should learn to have mercy and forgiveness towards his brothers and sisters, and if i pointed out them that i think her behaviours is wrong, and i am under no obligation to allow her to treat me like a doormat, they would first give me that look of pity, as if they were thinking ” oh poor ****, he’s not spiritual enough, he CANT see things straight” and if i insist my point of view, they then lose their patience and got aggresive with me. In another word, instead acknowleding the aggriessor is sinning and need to stop her behaviours, they pretty much twist her behaviours, make it go from sin to personal weakness, hence she did not need to take resp for her behaviours, not only that, i was wrong for want her to cut it out, i was not being a good christian by being understanding of her weakness ( in reality , by being doormat to her bullying behaviours). They pretty much shift the entire resp from her to me. I have never attended another church after that one, i still want to know God, but i will not have anything to do his other followers anymore, as far as i am concerned, they can all go to hell!

    • Darren,
      I appreciate your comment. And I’m sorry for your frustration and negative experience that you’ve had at the congregation you attended. However, in heaven we aren’t going to be able to select the people who will be there. So it’s important that we learn how to still love those who do us injustices at times, because we never know who is going to be singing besides us there. Truth be told, there is nothing we could ever do on this earth to earn our salvation. We have all fallen short, but we shouldn’t lump everyone in the same category because of a fallen few. As with anything, the fact remains that yes, we are all human. We do have to acknowledge our own flaws, (and believe me, I have many). But we can’t control nor change anyone else. The real change has to come from within. We have to choose how react to people who do wrong us. We have to pray for and still love our enemies (which can be hard at first, but like everything else…practice makes perfect). It’s something that I’m learning to do more and more everyday. That’s the beauty of love, no one can do anything about it. And you’ll be surprised, how great things will turn around or fall into place, when you learn to love those people. You cause an even greater change that can be felt around the word. I’m going to pray that God cleanses your heart and allows you to open up to the idea of finding a congregation that does demonstrate what God commands of all of us. But I challenge you to search for it, as well. The Bible does instruct us to not forsake the assembling together (Hebrews 10:25). God bless you and keep you.

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