Basketball Wives: When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong…What Do Black Men Say

VH1 Basketball Wives Season 3

I was having a conversation to a very good friend about last night’s episode of Basketball Wives…you know, the one where Tami slaps Meeka in the face while they’re in Rome.I asked her a question about how black men view the show. Now her response to me was that most black men probably aren’t watching. However, on another forum I saw a lady complaining that all the real men had checked out, because they knew more about the characters of reality television than how to change a flat tire.

So I’m writing this to black men hoping to get a response. My challenge is if you do watch Basketball Wives then by all means, please answer right away. But if you don’t I challenge you to watch the current season of Basketball Wives (if you’re really patient, please watch last season’s episodes first and then watch this season) and then answer the questions or if you don’t want to answer them all, chose a question below and comment on this post your answer. Thanks so much because your feedback is indeed valuable to me.


  1.  How do you honestly feel about a woman who always seems to be at the center of controversy?
  2.  If you have sons, what advise would you give them about dating a woman who is always at the center of controversy?
  3. If you have daughters, what advise would you give them about conducting herself in public?
  4. Is there any appeal to a woman who supposedly keeps it real (always eager to handle a situation no matter where you are)? And if so, what is it?
  5. Would you consider a woman who’s always at the center of controversy marriage material?
  6. Who do you prefer: a woman who is quick to check any and everyone at a moment’s notice or a woman who knows when and how to pick her battles tastefully?

Honestly, since last season I would have considered myself on Team Tami. But after last night, I feel differently. I think when a person shows you who they are, you just have to believe them and react accordingly. So it had been revealed that Meeka was indeed a little messy for coming into a group of women whom she had just met and making general statements about Tami before actually meeting her. Tami should have just kept her distance and fed Meeka from a very long handled spoon. But it was truly wrong for Tami to hit Meeka unjustifiably, simply because you don’t like what she says about you.

I do think Meeka showed great class by leaving the situation entirely. Personally, I think she may have played herself by telling Shaunie (paraphrasing) that she had to protect her image as a mother, wife and business owner. Because I personally feel that she’s seen the show, she knew what kind of drama goes down on it. Even I myself would know how to play the game in order to avoid controversy on the show. But I know my season wouldn’t probably last past 1 -2 episodes, so she can’t really use that as an excuse.

I believe that Tami needs to act her age and let somethings die. She and Meeka are probably never going to be friends, although she had said that about Evelyn and they’ve seemed to have made amends. Maybe this is just a set up for what’s to come in Season 4…better yet, Season 3’s reunion. IJS!!!


Just my Savvy Two Cents…


5 thoughts on “Basketball Wives: When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong…What Do Black Men Say

  1. Never have watched the show never will, only reality TV I watch has to do with dancing or some think like Cops. but I shall answer the question.

    1. I don’t like women that are always in the center a controversy because they are not paying attention to their family and their family’s needs.

    2. Don’t do it, she is not and will never be worth the head ache and the drama will definitely take years off your life.

    3. if you want people to think of you as a Dumb Whore then stay in the lime light of controversy and show your ass. You might get people attention and a little fame, but no one will respect you.

    4. Nope, I like my women to act like a lady and thinking you are big and bad and can get buck at anytime is not lady like.

    5. Not really because to me it seems like she would care more about attention and controversy then her family.

    6. A woman who knows when and how to pick her battles tastefully because I know how to pick my fights so why would I want a wife that would get me in drama that is unwarranted.

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