Team Tom or Team Christina – Hawthorne Makes You Choose

Jada Pinkett and Michael Vartan on TNT's Hawthorne

My Tuesday night guilty pleasure is Hawthorne. I admit that the first season was a little soft to my taste. But the second and now third season has been pretty hot to trot to say the least. If you’re not familiar with the story, I suggest you rent it on Netflix or try to locate online episodes to get you caught up. Or you could simply go to the following link for a very good overview ( But for the most part, Christina Hawthorne (played by Jada Pinkett Smith) is a former nurse (she was fired on the 2nd episode of the season) and is  married to Dr. Tom Wakefield (played by Michael Vartan). However, Christina sleeps with a cop, Nick Renata (Marc Anthony) who helped her thru some personal struggles. On Tuesday night’s episode, Christina comes clean to Tom about her infidelity. And he asks her if she loved Nick and Christina is unresponsive.

Now if you’re a great friend or follower of mine, you’ve heard me talk about how much swag Nick has in this season’s episode. But I have to be honest and say I was hoping that Christina didn’t give into the temptation. However, I will say she set herself up by being alone with Nick in a very low plunge, backless dress…(yeah, you could read all over what was gonna happen with that:)). But nonetheless, it would appear that Tom is going to ask her for a divorce in next week’s episode. So I have to ask, who are you going to support, Team Tom or Team Christina? Now, I could have made it easy and said Team Tom or Team Nick, but in my mind Nick is sort of irrelevant. He knew Christina was married. But the covenant she was under was to Tom.

I have often said that women would be more forgiving of men’s short-comings if they’d just tell the truth. But it would appear that men think differently when it comes to a woman’s short-comings. What a double standard that is. Because most of the men I know who’ve admittedly cheated, have said they really didn’t want their spouses/significant others to leave them. But wouldn’t be willing to make it work if they cheated.

So that’s why I ask again…Team Tom or Team Christina? Do you think Tom should try to work things out with Christina or just move on. I know what I’d like to see happen…what about you?

Just my Savvy Two Cents….


2 thoughts on “Team Tom or Team Christina – Hawthorne Makes You Choose

  1. Christina is in a state of confused vunerability, not to mentioned her recently discovered daddy issues. She may have love FOR NICK but I don’t think she REALLY LOVES HIM. It is true that Nick was there in a way that no one else could be AFTER HER DEVESTATING LOSS. But that’s only because Nick was the ONLY ONE Christina ALLOWED to be there for her. Nick was the ONE PERSON Christina couldn’t blame for her loss and for that reason and that reason ALONE she allowed him into her heart in a way she never did before. If Christina truly had any of the REALL feelings for Nick that she expressed on the last episode, wouldn’t they have been revealed in last seasons’ finally??? Would CHristina REALLY have married Tom if she was TRULY in love with Nick????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! To the same end though,Tom has filed for Divorce and WHY THE HECK SCHOULDN’T HE?????? Christina would do NO LESS…. Why should Tom stand around and wait for a woman who betrayed their wedding vows LESS THAN A MONTH AFTER SPEAKING THEM to come to her senses and “CHOOSE” him.. He did nothing wrong. He has ALWAYS been there for her and NEVER betrayed his love for her or the love he knew she Had for him. Not even when little miss DOCTOR SKANKY LADY came into the picture and Threw herself all over him.

    • LOL @ Little miss Doctor Skanky Lady! I agree Christina’s in a state of confusion. But honestly, I think that Christina had those deep rooted feelings for Nick last season, but thought her feelings for Tom would remove them. Tom was safe for Christina. I’m not saying that I agree with her decisions on this season’s episodes, (but I thought it crazy that she only took real interest in letting out her feelings for Tom when Miss Skanky Lady, as you eloquently put it:) came into play). Which is often when we make the greatest mistakes, Christina’s very competitive as we can clearly see and a stoic at most things. I agree that Tom should file for the divorce, b/c I don’t truly think her total heart was with Tom in the first place. JMO. And thanks so much for reading and expressing your opinions, as well. One thing’s for sure, Hawthorne is definitely full of DRAMA this season!

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