Hey DJ Keep Playing That Song – Check out DJ Dopeboifresh!

A few weeks ago, my senses were awakened. I have to admit. Being a thirty something young lady has really changed how I look at things. I’ve never been a hip hop head. For some reason (I’m thinking my parents heavily influenced this love), I have always had a love for true r&b music. So the music that’s coming out now and radio as I grew up on it has drastically changed, which caused me to lose interest in even listening to the radio. So imagine my surprise, when I click on a facebook link that would cause me to set my calendar every week and do a daily check in to a new dj…one that’s not even in my listening area.

He calls himself DJ Dopeboifresh (pronounced Dope Boy Fresh) and the station is CollaboMuzik WCMK Radio 106.5. His selections are definitely nice. His topics always fresh and interesting. And his eagerness to please is a rare commodity that is greatly appreciated by me and the rest of his fans. The first late night I listened to him, I was really impressed. He played a great mix of today’s slow jams with the good loving r&b music of the past, sparking a great deal of nostalgia for me. He took me back to the days where men actually cared and respected women enough to write them love songs. Not to mention, his love for his work shines thru and thru (just watch as he sets the mood for the slow jam session. LOL). And the greatest thing for me is that despite him not being local, I could get to him thru the power of the internet.

His mix plays from 12am midnite to 3am. And I couldn’t help but to stay up for every drip of the melodies that poured slowly like honey. I will just keep the dreams that derived from the tunes that remained in my ears long after the show was over to myself. But I can say… the romance that was experienced in my dreams left me hating to hear the 7am alarm, which was set for me to come back to reality.

Anyway, I encourage you to get to know the DJ. He’s super cool and welcomes your requests…which I definitely make known as soon as I pull it up.

The show can be listened to at http://www.livestream.com/collaboenttv

To connect with DJ Dopeboifresh, reach him on…

Twitter: @djdopeboifresh

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dj-Dopeboifresh/120855191318602 (Hit the Like button and tell him I sent you;-))

Hope you enjoy your experience. And remember, “Tell your friends to tell 3 more friends!” (Listen in and you’ll understand:))

Happy Monday to ya:)



Just my Savvy Two Cents….


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