Why Haste Makes Waste: Val’s Big Disaster on Single Ladies

Val and Jerry on VH-1's Single Ladies

Wow, tonight’s episode of Single Ladies clearly goes out with a bang. I must say that while it was interesting, messy and very entertaining. The biggest lesson was how haste makes waste in all aspects of our lives, particularly with relationships. Sure we women are emotional, that’s a given. But when we’re full of our emotions, we have the tendencies to make some pretty disastrous decisions.

That’s one of the biggest admiration I have for men. Most (I have to preface it) don’t get into their feelings and tend to remain logical in when it comes to most things. But we’re emotional creatures, so instead of keeping our cools and not make any sudden moves. We quickly make decisions that cause some of the biggest rifts in our lives.

Such was the case with poor Val tonight. Last week, we watched her give up on her knight in shining armor, Jerry, which I’m not upset about. She knew what she wanted, and she refused to compromise on the total marriage that she wanted to have. But tonight, she sees Jerry at a social affair and tells him that she wants to re-enter their relationship accepting that he wouldn’t ever marry her. But Jerry declines her invitation for a rekindling, because he says he didn’t want her to resent him later and regret her decision. Disappointed with him, she gets a call from Quinn (who had been dating her for 5 years prior to her relationship with Jerry and said he didn’t want to marry her, as well). Quinn asks her for dinner and she accepts the invitation, gets drunk off of champagne and wakes up the next morning naked laying beside Quinn in bed. She must have used some of her best moves in bed, because Quinn drops down and asks her to marry her, just as she gets a knock at her door…..It’s Jerry!!! And he’s come to profess his love for her and willingness to put his fears aside and take it to the next level with her. He drops down on one knee and asks her to marry him. And of course, Quinn walks out!!!


See if Val had just went straight home and took a hot bath alone to get some clarity. If only she’d refused Quinn’s invitation, and not been so quick to get drunk with him. If she had just asked Keisha to drop her off aer apartment on Keisha’s way home to go look for Malcolm.

So now, more than likely Val is going to lose 2 men….just wasteful!!! Not that I’d want Quinn. But now, she’s gonna lose out on her chance with her Prince. And those type of situations, don’t just come often.

So, ladies let’s be a little wiser and think first before we react and cause ourselves unnecessary headaches.

Just my Savvy Two Cents….


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