You Don’t Have to Be the Fastest or the First to Be Successful

Hear ye! Hear ye! I want to go on record having said that I’m not the most tech savvy person. My life is not filled with getting the latest and the greatest, the very moment it’s released. I don’t have to be the first into a party or any other social gathering. Nor do I have to be the first to purchase some designer’s outfit. In fact, I’m not a very trendy person…but success doesn’t mean you have to be.

The key to my success has been consistency and follow thru. Have you ever known someone who always has the latest and is always quick to give you great ideas, but they are consistently dropping the ball? You know, the people who seem to have it all and want to share it, yet they are always changing before they see the projects they rally people around to the end. Well I have, and surprisingly there are more of those people in the business world than most would care to admit.

But you should thank those people. To those who don’t have the largest advertising and/or marketing budget, take note! The real key to success is follow thru. While I haven’t always been the first to start out in the race, I’ve always proven consistent and have a high percentage follow-thru rate. So that person who guarantees their clients things, yet doesn’t see that project to the end, actually places you in the perfect position to close the deal and gain a loyal client.

I never promise something I can’t deliver. And if you find that you have oversold yourself, still see the close of the transaction to the very, positive end….even if it involves another business that can resolve the issue. So, you couldn’t service them at your organization, the fact that you stayed with them to make sure the other organization who could service them did their job will speak volumes about your company. And it wouldn’t help to follow up, even after you’ve handed them off to another company to be sure they were satisfied. It’s called creating client and/or customer loyalty.

I didn’t invent the statement “It’s not how you start, but ideally how you finish that sets you apart from others”, but I certainly stand behind it.  Businesses are closing down daily, due to the lack of simple follow thru. In all facets of my life, I strive to meet AND exceed expectations. And if I can’t, I never stop trying.

Even in the publishing world, as a book marketer, I work with my clients to get their books the greatest exposure. But in addition, I also serve as their coach, which isn’t in the contract. But a way to exceed their expectations. I take a little extra time to allow them to share their frustrations, while we analyze and work thru some barriers that may be holding them back. Don’t believe it? Just ask the author, DK Walker, if you see him:)

So don’t feel bad if you’re not the first to the scene or the fastest one winning the race,  just be alert for the opportunity to finish it gracefully and completely…

Just my savvy two cents:)


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