My Recollection of 9/11/2001

It’s so funny how most tragic days start out like all of the others. But the staple they leave on your heart and in your mind is imprinted permanently.

On 9/11/2001, I was working for VF Intimates. Due to an increase of responsibilities my workspace had been nearly tripled in size. My computer had been recently upgraded to an independent server instead of being on the traditional mainframe. This was important because on 9/11/2011 it would serve purposeful and leave my workspace as the meeting place for nearly everyone in my area.

Several people from our department had left for Pennsylvania that morning for a business trip by private jet. The pilots of that jet were the ones who had to call the coordinates of the Pennsylvania crash site in. It was a blessing for our co-workers but a scary situation, as well.

Many people gathered all around my desk to watch the real-time footage that was streaming across my computer. Several called family members who were in or around NY, as I contacted sales reps to make sure they were safe and out of harm’s way. So much about that day was truly unknown. And it seemed so unreal. How a beautiful cloudless day could turn so ugly, is still a question many ponder.

Even though the events took place in New York and Pennsylvania, no one felt safe. I remember being uneasy all day, just wondering what else was in store for us, as it just seemed to get more and more intense. At 4 pm, I remember rushing home to be in the comfort of my home with my parents and watching the continuous footage of amateur videos taken from random people and crying. It happened too fast and just too much to be true. I’d seen stuff like this in the movies, but it’s even scarier when it comes to life.The hardest part was watching the news and hearing and seeing the bodies of people who were on fire in the Twin Towers leap out the window to try to escape the pain.

It’s still a tender memory for me. One that causes my eyes to swell up with water. For all of those who were directly affected, indirectly affected and especially the first responders and heros who rushed in to save lives and lost theirs in the process, my prayers are with you. And I truly will never ever forget…



2 thoughts on “My Recollection of 9/11/2001

  1. This is a beautiful memory too and, like you, I wondered what else we would see that day and the uneasiness stayed with me for many months to come… TY for stopping by my blog.

    • Yes, honestly I still think about things like that. It doesn’t stop me from living, but you said it best…I want to make sure that I’m always doing what matters most, because things can change at a moment’s notice. I think you have a beautiful blog and I’ll definitely be following you:) Thanks for visiting my blog, as well.

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