Your Books Won’t Sell Themselves

Last year, when I decided that I wanted to start book marketing, I decided to help someone who had just published her first book. Because I was new at it, I wanted to try my talents out and see if I had what it took to make a go of it. I will admit, the publishing world is very trying and you can quickly find yourself becoming discouraged, because it doesn’t appear that anyone outside of your immediate circle is in the market to buying your product.

I understood marketing from an intimate apparel perspective (my past career had involved being in the sales/marketing arena for a very large ladies intimate apparel corporation). But I couldn’t figure out exactly what the issues were with all the effort I was putting in and seeing very little results. However, after I spent a day with my client. I realized what the problem was….I was marketing well, but the selling component wasn’t there.

In the world of publishing, marketing will lead them to your book. But you (the author) have to be always working to close the deal, no matter how great the marketer. Your effort is necessary. While a catchy name, cover, and title may entice them to buy, there will be many that you will have to pitch it to:) In one day,  I witnessed my client not mentioning the book as people approached her unless they happen to see the book. You have to be willing to eat, sleep, and breathe your product, when you self publish or you’re more than likely to be tossed into the mix, with very little distinction.

Going forward when I consult new clients, in addition to laying out what services I will be providing, I also share what my expectations are for them as I consider my business a team- one where all the players work for the common goal of selling their books.

Because, honestly no book will ever sell itself.

Just my Savvy Two Cents…


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