Review: Pious by Kenn Bivins

Pious by Kenn Bivins

ARE WE REALLY WHO WE APPEAR TO BE? That’s the immediate question you’ll be forced to ask yourself after reading, Pious, the novel written by author, Kenn Bivins. Well, at least that’s what I asked myself.

The story is about Carpious Mightson, a former convicted felon, who’s paid his debt to society and starts life fresh. He has a great job, a loving girlfriend, and the respect of the people in his community. But his past catches up to him, when a registered sex offender moves into the neighborhood and the neighbors delegate Carpious to convince the sex offender to move out.

Wow, I almost wish this book were a movie, because it certainly reads as such. But it has all the components of a great movie for both women and men. While there is much action and suspense, it’s so much deeper than that. The dynamic of the relationships within the book, peels back so many layers of the characters. And the icing on the cake is that despite the heavy scenes of anticipation and movement, there’s one component that I didn’t expect to be met with….romance and true love.

This book has it all! And in exquisite detail. By the end of the book, so many emotions were evoked within me and I was moved to tears. How many of us, go through our lives trying to right the wrongs and re-create greatness out of the griefs we once beared and may actually still be bearing? How many of us are so bound up in our past, that we constantly challenge the good things that come our way and are indeed meant for us? Can we ever truly forgive each other? And moreso, can and are we ever fully able to forgive ourselves?

I hear of so many professionals who proclaim their resiliency happens, DESPITE, their obstacles. While I choose to believe that I’m stronger because of them! Pious makes you look at these questions and affirmations in a powerful and amazing way!

Lastly, one of the most noticeable things about this book is that there are no evident color lines to cross. And because of this, it definitely could be made into a movie, where actors of any ethnicity could audition for the parts. It’s rare to read material today that isn’t heavily stereotypically written in a way that you truly can’t envision the characters being but one specific race. This author does a great job of writing the characters where their personalities are deeply shown, as opposed to their skin color.

If there were one thing that I could criticize about the book is that maybe some of the smallest seemingly insignificant, things were described in full detail. But it’s clear that the author wanted to be certain you read his masterpiece, as he intended for you to. And honestly, I think I understood a great deal of the message. And a wonderful message it was….Get out of your own way!!!

Great job, Mr. Bivins. Your message is loud and clear in this one!

For more information on where you can learn more about Kenn Bivins and his book, Pious….

—Just my Savvy Two Cents—


2 thoughts on “Review: Pious by Kenn Bivins

  1. Tanisha, your review made me want to read the book again. Thank you for such a conscious and thoughtful review. I’m glad that you saw the lack of color as that was important to me, even with the cover.

    Maybe Pious will make it to the big screen someday but until it does, the movie that you’ve conjured in your own mind as you read, deserves an Oscar. Thank you for reading. And reviewing.

    • You’re more than welcome for the review, Kenn. I absolutely enjoyed it and the review could have gone on and on. I’m certain I will reread it, as like re-watching movies, you always find something you missed the first time. Take care and keep up the awesome work! Can’t wait to read the 2nd novel.

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