Review: Karma by Anthony Crenshaw

Karma by Anthony Crenshaw

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU THROW OUT, BECAUSE IT WILL COME BACK TO YOU. That’s the premise of this book, Karma, by author Anthony Crenshaw. When I initially began reading, I will say that I didn’t think that a 106 page book could actually conjure up this much drama. But Crenshaw delivered in this piece of Urban Fiction that keeps your interest from start to finish.

One of the greatest things that I appreciate about the book, were the very short chapters. It made the flow of the book seem incredibly seamless. It was a very easy read, one that you could actually carve out a moment for and will serve as a value for your time and effort.

When I began reading the first chapter of Karma, I was unsure of how each character would fit in with the introduction. But by the end, everything comes full circle. While the book can be classified as Urban Fiction, the author does a great job of keeping our attention without heavy usage of ebonics and slang and unnecessary sex scenes, which will give it appeal to those who are quite conservative, but enjoy a peak into a reality that’s very different from their own and not feel too dirty when they return home.

While the characters are flawed, they are indeed very relatable, which offers comfort to those who may find themselves in similar situations to them. The greatest message I received from this book is that time waits for no one. You should strive to do what you can when you can.

The only downside to this book is outside of the exact ending, much of it is pretty predictable. So to an avid reader, one may feel like they’ve read or seen this before. However, I still think the book drives home the point that quite often we should always be careful about our actions and be sure that we’re putting out what we expect to receive. I do think it worthy of consideration and something even young adults would enjoy reading to help them take heed to the decisions they make early on in life.

Lastly, the author has a genuine writing style that I really enjoy which is wonderfully simplistic. This doesn’t mean that it’s bland or boring. It just means that he understands when it’s necessary to point out the details and be silent and positively keep it moving when it’s not necessary. Many new authors make the key mistake of trying to be overly depictive of every thing, no matter how insignificant.  I honestly think Mr. Crenshaw is going to go far. As he writes more and more he’s going to master his craft and many more will take notice. I’m looking forward to Mr. Crenshaw’s next book and encourage you to check out this book, Karma and/or suggest it to a young adult or new reader.
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