Why God Hasn’t Sent Mr. Right to Me Yet


It’s been a while since I’ve written. Truly I’ve been somewhat uninspired. But after last night, driving home I thought about the whole experience and deemed it valuable enough to share.

I’ve no been in any relationship in over a year and a half. I try to purify myself after a breakup so I can do some serious self reflecting. We are often quick to point out the flaws of the one we left or broke up with. But don’t really care to look internally at why we keep getting similar outcomes or attracting the same type of man. After being invited to dinner with a true gentleman, I now understand why. Follow me……..

A Evening With a Gentleman: *I must preface this by saying this dinner date was with a much, much older gentleman whom I met at a business function. He received my card and contacted me to discuss business and provide me with information that may help me to grow in future endeavors*

The Gentleman (for the sake of this post we’ll call him Carl). Carl asked me to meet him at a very nice restaurant known as Hemingway’s Island Grill. When I arrived, he met me at my car and proceeded to open my car door, but -1st Clue- I opened it myself.

The restaurant was located at the top of a set of stairs overlooking Pensacola Beach. So, he guided me up the stairs. I only let him guide me up the stairs because I’d never been there before and wasn’t sure where the entrance to the restaurant was. However, -2nd Clue- came when he went to open the door for me and I opened it myself. I even heard him say under his breath, “Women’s Lib”. However, it wasn’t until I excused myself to go to the ladies’ room, that I realized what he meant;)

The food was exquisite and fast. Once we placed our orders, it was out in about 7 minutes or so it seemed. The conversation was great. He shared stories about himself and he made mention of how much he followed my work in the community and appreciated how I always seem to carry myself as a lady. I was blown away by his assessment of me and my work, because it is tiresome to feel that you’re working so hard. But unable to see little results.

So after a wonderful meal and conversation, our evening was coming to a close. I reached for my coat and put it on, as he said to me, “I was going to help you with your coat”. -3rd Clue-.

He walked me to my car and of course, I unlocked the door and opened it myself -4th Clue-. We bid each other a wonderful evening and I drove off.

Driving Home – My assessment. 

I’m always asking God, “Why do you keep allowing these clueless guys to make their way to me? Why don’t you send me someone who understands and appreciates a lady into my path?”

Well God answered me last night…*I didn’t hear his loud thundering voice on the way home, like you always see in the movies* The words were just visually written in my head. They laid out in this manner. “You didn’t pass the test, My Child. I will allow you to keep practicing with all the wrong one’s until you get it right. Only then, will I place Mr. Right in your Path.”

You see, God was testing me last night. He used someone who wasn’t a threat to show me all the things I need to learn about being a lady. I’ve always felt that I was very ladylike, but I’ve realized that there’s still a bit of work left for me to do. I need to learn patience and wait on the man to take the lead and not assume that they’re not going to do it or aren’t willing to. Because there are many men who want to take the lead. But because we women are in such a huge hurry, we jump out, walk on through, and put our coats on without so much as a pause.

I’m so accustomed to doing it all. It’s really no wonder that I’m attracting the men who don’t want to do any of it. I’m learning that you get in return, what you put out. So from this day forward, I’m vowing to diligently work on these things, so that when God tests me again…I’ll pass with flying colors:)

Have a Beautiful Friday!!!

Just -Tanisha’s Savvy Two Cents!


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