Why I’ve Been Two Cents Short

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t blogged in quite a while. What seemed to flow from my fingers so effortlessly, now I struggle to bring to this white space. It’s been disheartening to me because I used to have such passion to deliver these messages to you. But as of late, my passion to write is inside. But the time I have to dedicate to writing has been shortened. And when I do have the little time to write, I’m without words to share.

However, I’m sure this is just a momentary case of writer’s block that we all battle with some time. I’m eager to get some sense of normalcy and consistency back. But I refuse to rush the process and fill your pages and my posts with meaningless and heartless words. So I’m asking you to be patient with me, as I get over this little hump.

Who knows? They say when you lose something, God normally replaces it 3 fold. So,  it’s my hope and prayer that I’ll be able to share six cents worth of knowledge in the future. So, don’t count me out. I’m most certain that with the life and experiences I’ve been enduring, I am sure I’ll have more than enough spare change to share;)

Until my piggy bank is refilled. May you continue to be blessed with much happiness and most importantly, an abundance of love.

Tanisha’s Savvy Two Cents


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