Why Tyler Perry’s “Good Deeds” is a Must See

Ok, so let me first start off by saying, I’m not a huge Tyler Perry fan. So, this isn’t an over excited fan who will love anything he puts out. I’m a lover of art, especially the stuff that provokes much thought and causes you to have long engaging discussions. Now that I’ve got that disclaimer out of the way…

Good Deeds is the movie to watch! At the hem of a slow moving economy where people are making big decisions in their lives and what moves to make next. Tyler Perry tackles the subject matter that forces you to look at what real happiness is. This movie really touched home with me.

I have a BA in Business degree. But I’m extremely passionate about the arts, particularly television and aspire to write for television one day. It was my dream in school. But I remember telling a faculty member my dream and her response to it was that I needed to be real and that I couldn’t make a living doing that. I also remember other members of my family and friends telling me that someone with my intelligence just has to get a 4 year degree. However, I can honestly say that I wonder where I’d be at this very moment had I just followed my original dream.

I’m a lover of change and creation. I thrive off of it. And doing those things that are repetitive only douses out the fire that burns within. And if I feel that way, I wonder how many others are just going thru life doing what you think others expect of you, instead of what you want for your life. How much more fulfilling would life be and how much less uptight would others be if they did.

Another thought to ponder in the movie is the idea that with wealth comes happiness. You have Deeds who can buy anything he wants, he has the woman of the highest pedigree,  and yet his life is still unfulfilled. This brings to the surface that while we may not have the same problem…we ALL have problems in our lives. The most important thing in life can’t be bought with money. The wealthy put their pants on one leg at a time. So instead of putting them on pedestals, we need to feel comfortable and thankful for the valleys and peaks that we have.

It’s because of the subject matter that I put this movie in my Top 5 TP movies. So, passionately I ask that if you haven’t seen it yet…Go ASAP!!! And tell me what you think after you have:) And start living!!! I know I am!

~Tanisha’s Savvy Two Cents~


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