There’s Always Something That You Can Do

This weekend has been an emotional one for me and most of my loved ones. Someone very near and dear to me suffered a surprise illness that no one of us could have predicted. It’s going to be a battle particularly for her, as well as all of us as we learn to cope and deal with what the future holds.

Yesterday’s evening service a church addressed a great subject. Our minister tackled the subject of there always being something that we can do to fit your circumstance at the time. Amazingly, the message came on time for me today. He talked about how David had fought in many physical battles and had won. But as time crept on in 2nd Samuel 21, where David’s soldier’s told him that he shouldn’t go out anymore in battle. So, David returned home back to his throne. However, it didn’t mean that David was less of a person because he couldn’t do what he once could. It just meant he was suited at the time for something else that would serve a better purpose.  They needed his mental strength and guidance, as opposed to the physical stamina he once had provided.

This entire weekend I felt sort of like David. I have known a time that it would have appeared that I could do so much more physically for my family who were sick. Now, I was feeling that my hands were tied. However, eager to help, I realized that there were calls that needed to be made and paperwork that needed to be prepared for processing. So, I extended my services to help take care of those things on the backside, while those who can physically be there are handling those tasks. Overwhelmed by emotion, I couldn’t help but cry. Because God does provide you these little lessons. And we’re never too old or young to learn them.

I say all that to say, that clearly there are always things that you can do, despite whatever circumstance you find yourself. Maybe it’s a phone call to cheer someone up. Maybe it’s a handwritten note, just to tell someone they’re in your thoughts. Maybe it’s a brief visit to give that person some company. Maybe it’s picking up groceries or baking a casserole for someone who hasn’t had the time to prepare a meal. If you look around and stop looking at how you used to be able to help, and start identifying how you can help them now…you will always be a blessing to others.

May God bless you all!


~ Tanisha’s Savvy Two Cents ~


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