Inspired by True Events…Dear Ashley!

Ashley Rena Bivins

Whew today has been a joyous ocassion, one I will never forget. I witnessed God’s inspired words when I was able to see my cousin and (honorary little sister from birth) receive her BS in Business Administration from Auburn University in Montgomery today. As hard as I tried to fight them back, I couldn’t help but shed tears up from the moment I helped her put on her cap and gown, to seeing her come out with her fellow classmates, and ultimately cross the stage to receive her degree. Emotions were so high because so much has transpired in such a short time that indeed we could see the devil’s determination to make the possible impossible. But a it is written, God is the Alpha and the Omega and he holds ALL the power!

Luke 18:27 ~ “And he said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.”

Dear Ashley,

From the moment you were born, you held a special place in my heart. On March 2, 1990, I remember how excited I was for your arrival, and although I had asked Aunt Linda to have you on my birth date. I was still just as happy and content that it was just one day afterwards. I would spend the night over to your moms just so I could play with you. My favorite thing to do with you was play, “This little piggy” on your toes. It would make you laugh. You see, I never had a little sister that I could play with, so I instantly took to you.  It was never a chore to give you a bath or pick you up from school or my favorite, take you to the carnival. My most vivid memory is always taking you and your nephew Mark to the carnivals and riding all the big rides (but making sure I always sat at the door’s opening. So if it happened to pop open, I’d be the one to fall out and suffer the injury instead of you two). I guess you could say, I love you that much.

Anyway, I want to say that although you asked me to be your mentor when you first graduated high school. And I tried to do my best to most importantly be a positive role model for you. However, I have to say as much as I hoped to have impact your life positively. I want to tell you that you’ve inspired me so much more. I love you truly and can’t describe how much your determination to make today possible has benefited me to no end. Never ever hesitate to call on me for anything. You’re a beautiful young lady and although these last few months have been trying for you. You still overcame it. God still gave you the strength to get past it. And continues to bless us tremendously each and every day! Never ever forget that! He knows your make up. And he knows that if you have a load, it’s never to heavy for him to help you carry it.  You’re an amazing young lady and I’m so, so happy to know you and share your space. The sky is truly the limit for you! Never be afraid to just soar!!!

All my heart,

Tanisha Rankins

aka ~Tanisha’s Savvy Two Cents ~

PS. Here’s to some of the most precious memories I have with you:)

Ashley, 8, with a winner’s spirit

1996 Ashley, 6, is watching me get ready for my Senior Prom.

Fast forward 12 years and I get the honor of watching Ashley and her best friend, Candace get ready for their senior prom (2008).


4 thoughts on “Inspired by True Events…Dear Ashley!

  1. Too sweet and I could barely make myself read it all. The last month or two has been unbelievable, but she made it. Thanks for all that you do for Ash and we love you!

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